Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn of long range weather and climate forecasters today revealed a major breakthrough in climate forecasting and predicted general world cooling for the next 100 years in direct opposition to The Met office and UN forecast announced on the same day.
I met Piers Corbyn last year when I was in London. I think he's a brilliant man. But I have to put in my two-cent's worth here, because I think we're headed into a cooling period that will last thousands of years, not merely a hundred. Whichever scenario comes true, I think we'll be fighting in the streets for food long before we're covered by ice.
"World cooling is here to stay and the new round of climate alarmism just announced by UK Government ministers and the Met Office of more extreme weather and warming in coming decades driven by mankind has no merit and is defied by the facts and front-line science", said Piers as his forecast from three weeks ahead was confirmed for the formation of the first East Pacific typhoon of the season off Mexico.

"Ministers have been saying a lot about accountability recently so now let's apply that to climate change policy and scrutinize what they are up to in the light of the facts and the application of sound science. "

Piers Corbyn
© unknownPiers Corbyn at Heartland Conference.

"Will Minister Benn - and his opposite numbers in other parties - place before Parliament the evidence on which they base their climate change policies? Or are we to be led into more climate alarm taxes and charges' and a new war against nothing based on bogus computer models? "

"Climate alarmism is not based on sound science but on a political agenda which has become a new religion to justify any policy or scheme which politicians and self-serving green ideologues, deluded researchers, businesses, oil magnates and the nuclear industry want to adopt. All their long-range models have failed so far so why should anyone believe them? On the other hand our solar based long range weather and climate forecasts have proven power, so why don't politicians listen?"
  • Why did so many children starve to death from food and fuel price rises caused by biofuels and costly energy projects?
  • Why was the development of Africa held back in the name of green ideology?
  • Why did they repeatedly fail to act on extreme weather event warnings which killed thousands but were ignored because the science used in those forecasts didn't accord with the new green religion?
  • Why did the UK Government continue to rely on failed forecasting systems which cost the UK economy £3billion in the winter of 2008/9 when road salt ran out because the Met Office had forecast a mild winter.
"Unless the climate circus is stopped we will see another round of hand-wringing in 5 years time against 'irresponsible risk taking' in the promotion of the green bubble of false value which has already burst in Spain in 2008," warned Piers.

The facts are:

1. Contrary to the projections of the UN and Governments the world has been cooling since 2002/3 while CO2 has been rising rapidly.

( See this story and WeatherAction end year report 2008 )

2. Global warming is over and it never was anything to do with mankind. There is no evidence that CO2 fluctuations in the last 200, 2,000 or 20,000 years have caused warming or climate change, in fact the evidence is the other way around.

( See Challenge to IME )

3. There is no evidence of more extreme weather events or increases in the rate of sea level rise or changes in glaciers corresponding to CO2 increases since the industrial revolution.

( See Effects of CO2 Nicholson & Soon )

4. All changes in the Arctic and Antarctic follow natural and highly variable patterns which are not new or special and have been recorded for over a thousand years and have been very well known to the British navy** for a long time and available in the Met Office library. The Antarctic has been cooling for decades and the Arctic has started to cool in the last year or two. Break-up of ice is a natural process - like the falling down of old trees - and has been happening for millions of years before news media noticed it.

(**HMSO 1963 Weather In the Home Fleet waters Vol 1 Northern Seas part 1 table XV page 246 shows the very high variability of ice off Iceland (eg) since 1900 and the long periods of change of two decades or more. Figures 124 & 125 (page 256) show that historical records indicate there was no pack ice off Iceland for about 180 years from 1020AD to 1200AD yet there was plenty of pack ice through the rapid expansion of industry since 1900 (Fig 126 page 257). This 120 year late medieval warm period is many times longer than the supposedly alarming present experience of the Arctic.

5. All the UN & Govt forecasts of ongoing warming this century have failed and the UN has still refused to produce evidence of their claims despite reasonable requests by an international group of science experts.

( See Letter to UN Sec General 14 July 2008 )

6. Extreme weather and climate change events can be predicted months or years ahead using solar activity whereas standard meteorology and CO2 dogma cannot do this.

( PowerPoint & Audio of Piers Corbyn's & Other Presentations at International Climate Change Conference New York 8-10 March 2009 [Link] - section V track 1 see slide 28 for world Temperature forecast to 2030. Scroll for speeches by Prof Bob Carter, Prof Richard Lindzen, Lord Monckton and others )

A Layman's Explanation of Why Global Warming Predictions by Climate Models are Wrong by Dr Roy Spencer

7. The Met office long range forecasts for summer 2007, summer 2008 and winter 2008/09 were the opposite of what occurred while solar-based (Solar Weather Technique) forecasts correctly foresaw the floods, more floods and heavy snow in each of those seasons.

( Met Office barbecue summer forecast seriously misleading )

"Met office season ahead forecasts have consistently failed as they are failing again this summer. For how long will the public have to wait before this circus is called to account. Will the BBC do its duty and expose failed science or will they continue their cover-up?" asked Piers.

( See World cooling has set-in warns astrophysicist - BBC & 'Global Warming apologists' challenged to end 'cover-up'

"The climate alarm modelers live by hype and government hand-outs and use weasel words to explain away their failures while in fact they know not what they are doing. The current deluge of climate fantasy serves to convince the public to worry about things which will never happen. They say they are using the best forecast systems they have but let us be clear the best of failures have little merit. Frankly the best computer models they use are just more rubbish in to get more rubbish out.

"Why will they not engage in real forecast competitions with the new meteorology of Solar based forecasting and let funding go to the proven best forecasting system? Standard meteorology has reached its limits and no amount of increase in computer power can advance it or make it applicable beyond a few days ahead. Just as a bicycle is superb for short range travel it is no use for a trip to the Moon. Why do global warming alarmists refuse public debate on the issue? "

Our WeatherAction climate forecasts based on a new advances in the Solar Weather Technique which includes lunar effects predict the present world cooling will continue in general terms at least to 2030 and that the world is very likely to remain significantly colder than its recent peak (of around 2002/3) for more than 100 years" said Piers Corbyn.

See entire article here.