While it may be a tad premature to break out the tinfoil hats, grab a loaded shotgun and head for the backyard bunker, a number of strange UFO sightings recently captured on video are attracting increasing amounts of attention.

The sightings, which have been fortuitously recorded by eyewitnesses around the world since the tail end of 2008, appear to show unusual formations of lights gathering, moving, and dispersing in the night sky.

The first such video, which was caught on camera on February 16 by a near-hysterical woman in Huanuco, Peru, shows an unusual elongated triangle formation of lights hanging high above a glittering skyline.

The second clip, supposedly shot on February 11 by an astonished couple capturing the romantic ocean glow of a full moon, shows several UFOs suddenly forming a large arrow head triangle to the left of screen before slowing blinking out.

And the third piece of footage, perhaps the most impressive, was recorded above Washington State in September of 2008. It clearly shows a perfectly formed triangle of lights moving steadily through the night sky with stars passing through the shape they are creating, which defines the lights as being individual as opposed to the three corners of a single solid UFO.

Of course, while the latter clip could be explained away as little more than orbiting satellites, the uniform formation does seem somewhat out of the ordinary.

As for the other clips, applied technology for the sake of opportunistic YouTube fakery could be a possibility, and it's worth bearing in mind that the general public is never informed when it comes to military activity, weather balloon placement and even when other people innocently launch glowing Chinese lanterns during a party.

That said, the prospect of imminent alien contact is always a good way to quicken the hearts of those who want to believe, plus it's an inexhaustible source of traffic on a slow news day.

Hey, at least we're honest.

Enjoy the clips for the entertainment value they bring.