The chief of Bolongdai village (Nungba), Ningkham Gangmei informed IFP over the telephone today that a mysterious outbreak of a disease has led to the death of over 12 buffalo heads. According to him, about five buffaloes were reported dead in the village prior to Christmas while another seven have died till yesterday.

He said that he had no reports of death of other types of cattle coming from the village and expressed concern that the outbreak could also affect other villages since cattle graze together.

"We would like to appeal to the concerned department to send a medical team as soon as possible to ascertain the cause of deaths so that the rest of the cattle can be saved," he said.

He also added that the carcasses of some of the animals were still lying around and that it could lead to spreading infection. According to him, there are over 100 buffaloes in the village which is inhabited by about 120 families.