Panic among the population. Some affirm that the sky was illuminated for long minutes.

Some witnesses say that there were several explosions, others assure that the sky was so illuminated as the dawn for long minutes. The only thing that is certain is that a general blackout occured in the all of the north sector of the city and provoked chaos among the community.

Telephonic calls from the neighbors to El Mercurio newspaper showed the terror caused by the incident, which happened around 11 p.m.. Some declared that there were meteorites, lightnings and comets passing nearby, other that there were ufos.
Other people affirmed that a troublesome buzz accompanied the blackout.

In addition it was unofficially informed that personal of Elecda (Electrical Company Of Antofagasta) found in the road to the graveyard Park of the Memory, some electrical layings cut, but without any confirmation of what it happened.