People in many areas of Taiwan will have the opportunity of witnessing two waves of rare and spectacular meteor showers are set to appear next week.

Astronomers at the Taipei Astronomical Museum said people will be able to see the upcoming meteor showers with naked eyes under fair weather conditions.

Most shooting stars of the Leonid meteor shower are most likely to appear on next Monday, Nov. 17.

Star gazers may see an average of 20 meteors appear every hour.

The shooting stars of the Alpha-Monocerotids (commonly known as "kirin" in Chinese) will have the highest concentration at around 5:25 p.m. on next Friday, Nov. 21.

Astronomers said the two waves of meteor showers take place regularly during the month of November each year.

The most ideal time for appreciating the meteor showers starts from 11:30 p.m. until dawn the next day.

The lucky ones may see both meteor showers at the same time because they sometimes appear in the sky simultaneously, said the astronomers.