God's creations are beyond imagination. They make the mankind awe at its strange, unique and yet beautiful manifestation. On May 2008 a mysterious puppy, green in colour was born in New Orleans. Just after a month Italy was stirred by the birth of a unicorn similar to the fabled unicorn from the age old myths. And then we had the Christian Lion hugging and kissing his former caretakers in a heartwarming reunion, just like a child who meets his parents after many years of separation ( the story is decades old, but it got its major attention now). When we thought the mystery vibes may get stale after all this, yesterday a six legged fawn awestruck North Georgia.

Don't be surprised if you see any animal with wings or a human sized mermaid waggling its tail on the seashore in the coming days. Anything can happen. Its a mysterious world.

So, what is it with this unusual deer? Read on.

Six-legged deer

Latest News updates state that, Melissa and Alan Dunagan were out walking when their dogs chased the fawn, separating it from its mother. Melissa Dunagan, in one of the interview says, "It wasn't until after we put the dogs back in the house and were about to release the fawn that we realized it had six legs". After receiving minor injuries from the dogs, the fawn was rushed to the West Rome Animal Clinic for its treatment. The veterinarian Dan Pate said, one of the causes for its extra two legs may be it had an identical twin that didn't form all the way. X-rays show the fawn has two distinct pelvises and to walk, the fawn uses one leg from each pelvis.

One of the two tails of the deer was amputated, due to the injuries. After saving its life, vets are reluctant to release the six-legged deer back into the wild. Some reports state that it may be taken to the University of Georgia for further research on the animal. But the experts believe that it should rather be left in the wild as leaving the fawn alone is the best thing that can happen to ensure its survival

Whatever may be its succeeding survival story, it surely has etched its paws of survival in the world of Internet and the mystery seekers worldwide.