Not only is this video clip freaky it makes you think that there is something definitely out there. I found this Phoenix UFO video clip on the internet at I have to say that the clarity is exceptional, the quality is amazing, and the film does not look doctored in any way at all.

This is just another of the many UFO videos which were shot during the "Phoenix Lights UFO Phenomenon" in which over 10,000 people witnessed UFOs over Phoenix in June of 2005. As a consequence many were able to shoot high quality UFO videos, and so I have been able to find this one on the web.

In this Phoenix UFO video it is shot by a hand held camcorder in the desert at night. A male is holding the camera and notices some bright lights in the sky. He aims the camera at a large glowing disc on the horizon. Then several other smaller glowing discs swoop down in a formation around the large disc. After a few moments they take off into the sky and disappear. Check out this Phoenix UFO video and see what you think.