Evidence that Chavez is planning a world communist revolution and corrupting the minds of the youth in Venezuela.

Not content with their preparations for war against Iran, a war that is worryingly looking like it will involve the use of a nuclear weapon by Israel and the US while blaming the detonation on Iran, it seems that Venezuela and particularly Hugo Chavez are in the cross-hairs of the imperial war machine.

The most recent chapter of the story starts with a Columbian air raid against a camp in Ecuador on March 1st. The camp was the location of a group from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) who were negotiating the release of some 700 prisoners. The raid killed FARC's second in command and top negotiator, Raul Reyes, and 23 other people, including 5 Mexican students. The air raid, followed up by a raid by special forces, was an armed incursion into Ecuador's sovereign territory and therefore an act of war against Ecuador (consider how the US would react if such an act were carried out by Iran into Iraq, let alone by Canada into the US) but this has conveniently been forgotten in the excitement that eight perfectly intact pieces of computer hardware were found at the scene of devastation.

Let us now take a moment to consider just how propitious the laws of physics have been over the millenia. You see, way back in 622BC we are told (in the Bible) that the priest Hilkiah miraculously found a previously unknown "scroll of the Torah" in the destroyed Temple of Yahweh. This miraculous scroll was the Book of Deuteronomy, used by Josiah to institute a new centralisation of religion and imposition of a dictatorial religious regime over the people.

Moving forward 2,500 years we come to the events of 911 which are just so chockablock with miraculous and opportune discoveries, and have also been used to impose a dictatorial religious regime over us, the people, one can only assume that Yahweh must be involved in those events and all that has flowed from them. Chief among these were the survival of Mohammed Atta's passport, luggage, Koran, flight manuals etc, followed by all manner of evidence that sought to corroborate the offical version of events. Anne Karpf writing in the Guardian summarised it well when she said, "Whatever the case, to find one training manual might be regarded as a stroke of luck. To find a shelf-full looks like desperation."

We are then treated to the idea that the dead body of Al-Zarqawi, the elusive bogeyman of Al-Qaeda Iraq, Inc, killed in June 2006 by 2 500lb bombs, survived with just serious bruising. Bruising that incidentally looked suspiciously like it had been inflicted with a baseball bat rather than a pair of massive compression bombs. Along with its owner's body, Al-Zarqawi's cell phone survived the blasts and yielded the telephone numbers of those members of the ruling clique in Iraq who happened to be out of favour at that juncture.

This was the same Al-Zarqawi who in February 2005, when pulled over at a US checkpoint, turned tail in his truck, jumped out and fled only to leave his laptop which told the US occupation force all about his hospital appointments and yielded his "My Pictures" folder!

Prior to that discovery, in 2003 Pakistani soldiers captured Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his laptop which contained a veritable "Terrorist's Rough Guide" of the locations at which Osama bin Laden stayed while traveling in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. While in March 2002, the FBI and Pakistani police arrested Abu Zubaida, claimed to be the third-ranking al Qaeda operative, and his laptop from which, a "senior law enforcement source" claimed, they discovered that the vast majority of people he had been communicating with were being monitored under FISA warrants or international spying efforts.

I'm sure you are getting my drift regarding the miracles of laptops whose owners are resisting US imperialism and the remarkably favourable times at which they come into imperial hands. Next time you buy a computer, especially a laptop, be sure to ask for the special terrorist version that can withstand untold physical abuse with no damage or data loss.

Now, let us return to the main story as we rejoin the Columbian special forces at the site of the camp in Ecuador that was until recently the base for negotiations on prisoner exchanges. (Strange how the Columbian authorities seem to always destroy any hope of these exchanges taking place - you'd almost get the impression that they don't want FARC to be seen in a good light). In the midst of the destruction caused by the air raid lies a large briefcase and in that briefcase are to be found 3 laptops, 3 USB drives and 2 external hard drives, plus some pristine papers - all of course intact and in perfect working order. This video on the Interpol website is worth watching - note how neatly stacked and clean the pile of "evidence" is. While a journalist describes the scene:-
The combat fatigues dangled from a branch 100 feet above the jungle floor - a testament to the ferocity of the bombardment that turned this remote, mosquito-ridden corner of the Amazon rainforest in northern Ecuador into an international flashpoint last week.

The same missiles that blasted the uniform high into the jungle canopy gouged deep craters out of the rust-red earth and cut a wide swath through the vegetation.
The Columbians hold on to this hardware for nine days after which they hand it to Interpol. Interpol accepted a very limited brief to, "Examine the user files on the eight seized FARC computers and to determine whether any of the user files had been newly created, modified or deleted on or after 1 March 2008.". Interpol was not asked to verify whether the computer hardware belonged to FARC just whether the data had been changed since March 1st. Interpol reports:-
"All seized FARC computer exhibits were accessed by Colombian authorities between 1 March 2008, when they were seized, and 10 March 2008, when they were handed over to INTERPOL's computer forensic experts.... Access to the data contained in the eight FARC computer exhibits did not conform to internationally recognized principles for handling electronic evidence by law enforcement.... Direct access may complicate validating this evidence for purposes of its introduction in a judicial proceeding, because law enforcement is then required to demonstrate or prove that the direct access did not have a material impact on the purpose for which the evidence is intended."
Yet in a dance of logic that will now be familiar to those who follow international events closely, Interpol then maintains "...that there was no tampering with any data on the computer exhibits following their seizure on 1 March 2008 by Colombian authorities."

So all that the Interpol report tells us is that the "evidence" was not handled according to international practice and that none of the files was newer that March 1st. No comment has been made by Interpol as to the origin of the computer hardware - we have to take the word of the Columbian administration for that. An administration that has been openly seeking war with Venezuela and whose top officials are close friends of the drug cartels and the Bushes.

Interpol's report does state however that, "verification of the eight seized FARC computer exhibits by Interpol does not imply the validation of the accuracy of the user files, the validation of any country's interpretation of the user files or the validation of the source of the user files."

Let me reiterate, Interpol says its role was "exclusively technical" and that its validation does not extend to the source of the files; yet, as the excellent Postcards from the Revolution blog says:-
".. Secretary General Noble [of Interpol] began his press conference on May 15 with a very partialized political discourse in favor of the Colombian government and condemning the FARC as drugtraffickers and terrorists. When asked by a journalist from TELESUR whether he could confirm the source of the evidence, Noble blurted our "I can say with certainty that the computers came from a FARC terrorist camp..." The journalist asked if they belonged to any person in particular, and Noble responded "yes, the now dead Reyes..."

[ ]

So, how did Mr. Noble know the computers belonged to Raul Reyes if Interpol did not analyze their origin?
The reactions in the mainstream media are telling. First off we find those stoking the fires against Venezuela and Chavez:-
Bloomberg - Interpol Says Colombia's FARC Computer Data Authentic

New York Times - "President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela has been caught."

Guardian - "Interpol's stunning confirmation yesterday that incriminating documents came from a computer belonging to a Farc rebel leader with links to President Hugo Chavez"

Miami Herald - "Interpol-verified computer files indicating that Venezuela and Ecuador are actively supporting Colombia's FARC guerrillas"

Chicago Tribune - Hugo Chavez to prison?
Elsewhere we see what at first sight seems to be the moderate voice of reason. The Financial Times saying that:-
But this "verification" does not provide conclusive evidence that Venezuela is providing money, weapons and logistical support to the Farc. None of the communications are from Venezuelan officials. The competing leaders of the Farc, fragmented after years of successful counter-insurgency, have cause to exaggerate proximity to Mr Chávez.

Having said that, the evidence is serious enough to warrant more sustained research. Preferably that investigation should occur through the Organisation of American States, the appropriate regional body. Venezuelan influence makes effective action in this forum unlikely. So much will depend on the quality and credibility of Colombian and US intelligence.

In the meantime, America should not place Venezuela on the list of states sponsoring terrorism, a course of action advocated by Republican hardliners that would lead to the imposition of economic sanctions.
Do you see how the goalposts have been subtly moved? Now we have two options, Chavez in league with drug running murdering terrorists and "let's see more evidence and set up enquiry"? An enquiry that the US and Columbia would surely be able to exert heavy (handed) influence over. When the truth may perhaps be that Chavez is an idealogical supporter of all those fighting US imperialism and the contact between FARC and the Venezuelan government would seem to be limited to prisoner exchange discussions. It is also not unusual for governments and their intelligence agencies to have contact with organisations like FARC in much the same way that they have contacts with despotic governments like that of Alvaro Uribe of Columbia. How else would prisoner exchanges and ceasefires be arranged?

It is therefore abundantly clear that this whole "FARC Laptop" scenario is a set up, and not a very good one at that. The same propitious bending of the laws of physics and provision of opportune 'proof' fits the modus operandi of the evil power that stalks our planet. The scenario also fits with the "4th Generation War" being waged by the US against Venezuela.

However, the attack is expanding in the media where there is silence from the western media when Chavez makes legitimate points that criticise the US or Columbia.

On May 16th a Columbian force of 60 was intercepted crossing into Venezuela. Understandably Chavez regards this as somewhat provocative, given the continual war posturing of Columbia and the FARC laptops scam, and he said so. But you'd never know it in the western media where there has been silence on the topic. Even Google doesn't rank any article on the topic on the first 3 pages of a search for the event, despite the reporting of his protest in the Sri Lankan Daily Mail

Consider the above in the context of an interview that Aaron Russo (Freedom to Fascism) gave in which he stated:-
Russo states that [Nicholas] Rockefeller told him,

"Eleven months before 9/11 happened there was going to be an event and out of that event we were going to invade Afghanistan to run pipelines through the Caspian sea, we were going to invade Iraq to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the Middle East, and we'd go after Chavez in Venezuela."
But you can't "go after" a man like Chavez without preparing the ground.

Talking of preparing the ground. Not much seems to have been made of a bizarre piece of new US legislation that is extra-territorial in its intention - Gas Price Relief for Consumers Act of 2008 (H.R. 6074). This truly remarkable piece of US hubris seeks to enable the US to prosecute OPEC for not producing enough oil and thereby causing the fuel price increases across the globe.

As Chavez said on May 20th, "They now want to demonize the OPEC in front of the whole world. They want to turn the world against OPEC,".

Perhaps Chavez is slightly wrong on this count - they want to demonise him, turn the world against him. The US allies in the gulf are not the target of this legislation and nor is Iran as it's clear the US and Israel have other cards to play there. If the US and the media can link Chavez with high energy prices for western consumers and all manner of other illusory fears, such as in this article, then they might have sold his removal to their citizens.

All this at at time when it is becoming increasingly apparent that Chavez is having his plans and ideas undermined at home and when the worsening global economy is no doubt having a domino effect on Venezuela - see here and here.

Makes you wonder doesn't it, especially when we then hear of a US Navy S-3 Spy plane, making a 'navigational error' and straying into Venezuelan airspace. As Chavez himself said, "They are spying, even testing our capacity to react,....We are not going to allow the violation of our sovereignty."

In the context of border incursions by Columbia, Interpol's twists and turns over the "FARC computers", the increasing "terrorist" rhetoric being directed at Chavez, the anti-OPEC law in the US, the cancellation by London of it's fuel deal, the increasing economic pressures; just what are the chances that one of the world's most sophisticated spy planes, planes whose sole value is knowing EXACTLY where they are, would make a navigational error?

Chavez is clearly in the cross-hairs of the imperial war machine.