While it seems everyone knows that the planet is warming, few acknowledge what's really going on. How egocentric and narcissistic humans are, to assume that a few generations of human history tells the story of a planet. Decades and even centuries are not enough to determine anything about global climate change. Look at any records of global (planetary) history and you will see that we are in a natural temperature spike which has occurred before (without human help) and will occur again - approximately every 100-150 thousand years apart.

We are in a naturally occurring peak period of warmth on this planet at this time - but the vacation is about to end. In fact, what we humans are about to experience, and likely sooner than later, is global cooling. And believe me, global cooling is much scarier than global warming.

Over the millennia planetary temperatures are generally much colder than now. Even today, in the peak years of natural global warming, thousands of people on this planet die from the cold each year. You want a crisis? You'll be seeing one - from cold - possibly in your lifetime. You want to do something about it? Well, humans aren't going to change what's to come, but we humans can prepare.

Get the facts about the big view, not the microscopic one of our own short human lifetimes. Consider what it will take for human life and achievement to continue when most of the planet is covered by ice. And you might as well enjoy this warm weather while you've got it.