Homes and schools in the Thames Valley have been flooded after heavy rain swept across the area.

Many parts of Oxfordshire and Berkshire were hit by flash flooding on Tuesday and the Met Office has extended its severe weather warning.

It has warned that another 15 to 25mm of rain could fall during the day.

The Environment Agency has issued flood watches on the Thames, Cole, Loddon, Pang, Ray, Thame and Windrush. One school in Oxford has been closed.

All pupils at Peers School in Littlemore, apart from those doing their GCSEs, have been sent home.

Residents in Three Mile Cross in Reading, Berkshire, whose homes were flooded last summer, have again found themselves battling to keep the water out which has flooded many residential roads.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said it had been receiving a number of calls linked to flash flooding in the east of the county and has attended incidents in Thame, Chinnor and Wheatley.

Matt Oakes, from the Environment Agency, said: "We're expecting lighter rain to come through later and we are not expecting any property flooding from our rivers at the moment.

"There is lots of surface water problems because of the rain where it's just overwhelming the drains and flooding the roads, but we're not expecting anything to happen from our rivers."