UFO pictures are usually blurry, grainy blobs. At best, a shiny round object far away in the distance.

But recently - since the current 'flap' which has hit the United States and Europe, a number of sightings have come forward which come with detailed pictures showing a UFO up close. The first one was the Coast to Coast UFO - featured in the American Chronicle last week. As mentioned in the article, within a few days, another series of UFO pictures came in from Lake Tahoe.


Within hours, experts were analysing these detailed UFO pictures trying to determine whether or not the these pictures were CGI 'fakes' or not. One expert at the Open Minds Forum provided a 3D rendition of the object for perspective. Another researcher undertook a detailed analysis of the the two and provided an overlay which showed that the two objects were probably different. Indeed, there are substantial differences in the two UFO's, so we can rule out that this is some 'model'. There have been attempts by CGI artists to replicate these images - but to date there has been nothing quite like the first or second batch of pictures.

Today I heard of yet another, similar shaped UFO. This time the pictures came from a witness in Capitola. There are six new pictures in total and they can all be viewed at source here.

The picture shown at the beginning of this article is one of the latest from Capitola.

Here is the witness account of what he saw:
This week I was visiting my fiance's parents in Capitola (we were actually there to tell them about our engagement, in fact). We were eating dinner on the back porch when we noticed this "object" sort of hovering in the sky. The camera was still out from earlier so I grabbed it and tried to get some clear shots of it. It took off over the roof shortly after, so I ran into the street in front of the house to follow, trying to get more shots without wobbling around too much (which was harder than it sounds). It then came in lower over a telephone pole, where I was able to get a few more pictures, before it finally took off into the distance pretty fast. I thought it was gone but noticed it was still visible, so I grabbed a few more pictures.

At one point a car stopped to look as well. No one had any idea what this thing was but everyone in the car was visibly freaked out by it. Once it was gone they told me to call the news and drove off. :) I'm not sure who else saw it in the neighborhood since I don't live down there, but I'm sure at least a few others must have noticed it. It was way too weird and way too close to go unnoticed. Once it was gone and I caught my breath I could barely stop my hands from shaking for the next hour or so. Needless to say, this is all we talked about for the rest of the night. None of us can figure out what it was (and that's saying something, because my fiance's dad is a mechanical engineer).

We sent a copy of the photos to their newspaper but haven't heard back yet. I dunno how long that kind of thing takes.

There's also some writing on this thing, which I didn't recognize (and I read both English and Hindi). You can see it in a few of the pictures.
So what IS going on here? First we had the O'Hare UFO. Then we had the Geurnsey UFO. The along comes the Coast to Coast UFO, followed by a similar UFO in Lake Tahoe and today we have the very latest appearing in Capitola. All major reports - and we're not even half-way into 2007.

It has been postulated by researchers who have maintained links with some 'Deep Insiders' within the USG, particularly Dan T Smith who has put forward the Best Possible Worlds Hypothesis, that we may be on the verge of ' full Disclosure' and that the recent upsurge in sightings and media interest is all part of the support-act to the 'Main Event'.

Certainly, the recent developments are unprecedented. If these are 'fakes' they are the 'best yet'. If not, we are in for more 'shows' and increased reports.

Either way, we can certainly say that in regard to UFO reports - we live in interesting times!