If it seemed April did not deliver on the promise of spring, you are correct. It was the coldest April in 32 years.

"The warm weather of recent days is in stark contrast to the persistent chill that enveloped the region much of the month," notes Eric Horst of Millersville University's Weather Information Center.

"The magnitude and persistence of the early- to mid-month chill was such that April concluded as the coldest since 1975 and the 13th coldest on record (since 1914).

The average monthly temperature for April was 49 degrees, nearly 3 degrees colder than normal.

The average high was 58 degrees and the average low was just under 40 degrees.

In his review of the month, Horst rated the nor'easter of April 15 the climatic event of the month.

More than 2 inches of rain fell on Lancaster County and several inches of slushy snow even collected in the Welsh Mountains in the eastern part of the county.

Overall, more than 5 inches of melted precipitation fell, 1.5 inches more than normal.

"Plentiful soil moisture and the developing warm-weather pattern will make for a great start to the growing season and little threat of repeating the droughty conditions of last spring," Horst notes.

May, meanwhile, seems to want to make amends.

Mostly sunny skies with little chance of precipitation are predicted for the next six days.

Daily highs are expected to reach 66-70 today, 68 Friday, 74 on Saturday and 68 on Sunday, then climb into the upper 70s on Monday and the low 80s on Tuesday.

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