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Mon, 19 Nov 2018
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Massive sinkhole covering two-lane highway opens in Pretoria, South Africa

Laudium, Pretoria, SA sinkhole
© eNCA/Silindelo Masikane
The sinkhole in Laudium.
The cause of the large sinkhole covering both lanes of the R55 in Laudium, Pretoria is yet to be identified by the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport.

The sinkhole was identified by department officials, who identified cracks in the road, during a routine maintenance check two weeks ago, said provincial spokesperson Melitah Madiba.

"We sent out a statement two weeks ago informing drivers about the sinkhole," she said.

"Our technical team is still running tests to determine the cause of the sinkhole. We should have the report sometime next week."

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Large sinkhole opens up in Maidstone, UK

The sinkhole.
© Sarah Nickels
The sinkhole.
A sinkhole has opened up in Barming.

The void was discovered earlier today and has caused deep cracks in the road and a driveway to crack up. Part of a fence has also subsided into the hole.

It was found at the edge of a field off Broomshaw Road and it is understood authorities have closed off the end of the road and houses lost water for a time.

The area where the sinkhole was seen is near where Taylor Wimpey is set to build hundreds of new homes on the Pea Fields behind Broomshaw Road.

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Car falls into sinkhole in downtown St. Louis, Missouri

Car falls into sinkhole in MO
As the clock hits 5 p.m., many are racing to jump in their cars to go home. However, News 4 Assignment Editor Bob Cyphers didn't expect his Wednesday to end like this.

Cyphers was walking to get his car from a parking lot near Busch Stadium in St. Louis when he saw the back end of his Kia SUV had fallen into a large sinkhole.

"I was walking to get my car from work and we see the police scene here," Cyphers said. "And I think what is the excitement is over here and the closer I get the worse it looks."

Police said they do not know when the sinkhole in the lot opened up.

Bizarro Earth

Plate tectonics are splitting the entire African continent say geologists

Plate Movement
© YouTube
Things aren't looking good for Kenya right now-the country is literally splitting in two.

Enormous rifts have opened within the ground, that stretch across a large chunk of Kenya's countryside. One such tear, located in Narok County, is 66 feet in length and as much as 50 feet deep at its lowest point.

These rifts are causing a lot of trouble throughout the country, with commuters and supply trucks unable to travel safely without massive delays. One video that shows some of the devastation highlights an area of road that has to be filled in temporarily for the sake of keeping traffic flowing on a busy highway, but the solution is far from permanent, and only allows for a limited number of cars to make the crossing at any given time.

In other areas, conditions are even more terrifying for locals, with families having to abandon their homes out of fear that the rift will spear, swallowing their entire livelihoods whole.


The heaving and sinking oil wells of Wink, Texas

Wink sinkhole
© J. Andrews
Wink Sink 2
It began with sinkholes. Two of them, gaping mouths to nowhere opening up as if to swallow the town of Wink, Texas. As they expanded, there were fears they might collide, morphing into one giant void.

They first emerged in 1980, and things haven't gotten better since. Now, an unprecedented study reveals Wink and its vast sinkholes are just a tiny part of a much bigger problem - a vast stretch of historical oil fields that are heaving and sinking, covering an area almost the size of Connecticut.

"The ground movement we're seeing is not normal," explains geophysicist Zhong Lu from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

"The ground doesn't typically do this without some cause."

Lu was part of a team who in 2016 used satellite data to reveal that the two Wink sinkholes weren't frozen in place, but could be about to expand in response to subsidence detected in and around the town.

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Huge sinkhole discovered in Limerick, Ireland

The huge sinkhole
© Pat Murphy
The huge sinkhole
Two birdwatchers have raised the alarm about a suspected sinkhole, measuring 25ft by 16ft, near Limerick.

Pat Murphy from Limerick and his friend Tony Ryan where out on Thursday evening trying to catch a starling murmuration when Tony discovered the massive suspected 'sinkhole'.

"We were out Thursday evening to catch a starling murmuration and my friend Tony Ryan discovered it just as we were walking on the bank," Pat told Independent.ie. "Luckily it was still bright otherwise who knows?"

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Major road blocked after large sinkhole appears on seafront in Devon, England

Torquay sinkhole
© Tina Crowson
The huge hole on Torquay seafront.
The main road between Torquay and Paignton has been closed after a large hole appeared in the pavement.

Torbay Council has described it as a 'major incident' with a 75-metre cordon in place on Torbay Road.

The road is blocked outside the Livermead House Hotel.

Temporary traffic lights are in place and they will remain for some time while emergency works are completed.


Geyser erupts under road sending water and debris into the sky on San Diego interstate

geyser san diego
A towering geyser sent water and debris into the sky near Torrey Pines Tuesday, prompting traffic issues near busy construction.

The geyser erupted around 11 a.m. on Genesee Avenue just west of Interstate 5. All lanes of traffic on Genesee Ave. were shut down in both directions.

Public Utilities Department crews were able to shut off the water at about 12 p.m.

Comment: This is one of many strange events occurring nearby road works:

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Horse rescued from sinkhole in Brazil

Horse rescued

Horse rescued
On Saturday morning (17-March) a horse felt in a sinkhole of about 3 meters deep opened for unknown reasons in a street of Muriaé, Brazil. The horse was wounded and trapped. Fire Brigade soldiers worked to rescue the injured animal, with the help of residents who supplied a backhoe machine.

Road Cone

Huge 100ft wide sinkhole drains canal in Cheshire, UK

Cheshire canal sinkhole
© Cheshire police/Mercury press
The sailing boat was just metres away from the sinkhole when it opened up at 11.40pm last night (pictured) on the Shropshire Union canal in Middlewich, Cheshire.
A sailor was nearly sucked down a 100ft-wide sinkhole that opened up on a canal while he was boating.

The giant crevice appeared on a stretch of the Shropshire Union canal in Middlewich, Cheshire, at 11.40pm last night.

As the sinkhole opened it sucked the water from the canal causing the sailor and his boat to be dragged back before coming to a halt just feet away from the crack.

The canal was left completely drained and the water flooded down onto a lower embankment.

Police found the man aboard the nearby boat and he was plucked to safety.

A dramatic picture of the scene this morning shows the vessel just feet away from plunging down the hole.

An officer who attended the scene tweeted: 'Seeing the Middlewich sinkhole in the light of day highlights just how lucky the man in the boat was. Think he'll be picking some numbers this evening.'