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Tue, 30 Nov 2021
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Extreme Temperatures


Kashmir receives rare late May snowfall

© Umer Asif
A meadow resort in central Kashmir received a rare summer snowfall on Sunday as the region recorded cold weather conditions.

The snowfall was received in central Kashmir's Sonamarg resort as well as nearby Minimarg.

The videos of the snowfall in Sonamarg, and Minimarg near Drass, were tweeted by Faizan Arif, an independent weather forecaster who has become prominent for making accurate forecasts.

Snowfall in Kashmir is usually received during December to February - the core winter months. However, the snowfall in the last half of May is rare in the region.

Kashmir has witnessed a dip in temperature as rains with thunderstorms and hailstones were recorded during this month.


Heavy snowfall hits the Kaghan valley in Pakistan in late May

Heavy snowfall in the scenic Kaghan valley on Sunday turned the weather extremely cold. It started snowing at noon and continued intermittently throughout the day.

"While people in rest of the country are suffering the scorching heat but here we are having severe cold in this heavenly valley," Mohammad Sami, a tourist from Islamabad, told reporters in Naran.

Mr Sami said as the tourism activities were set to resume from Monday (today) the nature lovers from rest of the country would rush here to enjoy the cold weather.

He, however, asked the visitors to follow the Covid-19-induced standard operating procedures so the government was not forced to impose restrictions on their movement.


German cows delayed annual trip to the Alps because thick layers of snow are still blanketing pastures

By this time, farmers normally start bringing their cows into the mountains

By this time, farmers normally start bringing their cows into the mountains
For tens of thousands of cows, their summer grazing in the Bavarian Alps will have to wait. Thick layers of snow are still blanketing their pastures — but the cold and wet aren't all bad, say experts.

Cows in southern Germany will have to stay in their stalls a little longer, as their grazing pastures in the Alps are still covered in snow, German media reported on Sunday.

At this time of year, farmers traditionally begin transporting tens of thousands of cattle up into the Alps for the summer, before driving them back down into the valleys in autumn.

What is the situation?

With pastures covered and mountain roads tricky to navigate, the traditional cattle drive will have to wait, news agency dpa reported.

Local business associations in the regions of Allgäu and Upper Bavaria said most farmers will need to wait another two weeks before releasing their cows into the mountainous pastures.

For areas that are even higher up — some farmers might have to wait until mid-June, the associations said.

Comment: A video of the snowy, wintry conditions in the nearby Austrian Alps on May 19:


Scotland shivering through coldest May in 40 years as snow falls in some areas

Nick and Patrick Matheson, from Northumbria, went skiing at Cairngorm mountain, where fresh snow fell yesterday.
© Northpix.
Nick and Patrick Matheson, from Northumbria, went skiing at Cairngorm mountain, where fresh snow fell yesterday.
Don't look out the shorts and sun cream just yet...

With just days left until the start of June, Scotland was hit by snow.

And while we all wait for summer to finally arrive, forecasters have warned we're on course for the coldest May in more than 40 years.

Srdjan Lulic found himself a bit exposed at the Cairngorm National Park, near Aviemore, Inverness-shire, as he headed out for a stroll with girlfriend Catherine Stewart, of Edinburgh.

Another driver had to clear a mound of snow from his windscreen, which had built up overnight.

Catherine said: "We'd planned on going for a walk to the summit of Ben Macdui but I think we will be limited to the lower slopes as there looks like there is a lot of snow on the higher ground.


Rare late May snowfall hits Mount Charleston near Las Vegas

© Lee Canyon
The ski and snow season at Lee Canyon on Mount Charleston is over but no one told Mother Nature.

The National Weather Service reported snowflakes falling on the mountain this morning on their Twitter feed.

Cloud Precipitation

21 runners dead as extreme weather hits China ultramarathon

Runner in China
Twenty-one people were killed after hail, freezing rain and high winds hit runners taking part in a 100-kilometre cross-country mountain race in China, state media said Sunday.

One runner who had been missing was found at 9:30 am, but "had already lost their vital signs", state broadcaster CCTV reported, citing the local rescue command headquarters.

"This suggests that this incident caused 21 deaths in total," CCTV said. City officials had earlier confirmed 20 deaths and one person missing at a briefing earlier on Sunday.

Extreme weather hit a high-altitude section of the race held in the Yellow River Stone Forest near Baiyin city in northwestern Gansu province Saturday afternoon, city officials said.

Baiyin city mayor Zhang Xuchen said that at around midday a section of the ultramarathon course -- between kilometres 20 and 31 -- was "suddenly affected by disastrous weather".

"In a short period of time, hailstones and ice rain suddenly fell in the local area, and there were strong winds. The temperature sharply dropped," Zhang said.


Mountain passes in Colorado covered with May snow

Spring Snow Blankets Colorado's San Juan Mountains

Spring snow blankets Colorado's San Juan Mountains
A wet spring storm brought rain to lower elevations and snow to the high country Friday across much of Southwest Colorado.

Snow was so heavy and unexpected in the higher elevations that it closed two mountain passes on U.S. Highway 550 and prompted a winter weather advisory for parts of the San Juan Mountains.

Both lanes of U.S. Highway 550 reopened Friday afternoon after a temporary closure over Coal Bank and Molas passes, south of Silverton, because of adverse, snowy weather conditions.

The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for areas of the southwestern and eastern San Juan Mountains above 10,000 feet in elevation. The advisory, which advises drivers to use caution on the roads, is in effect until midnight Friday.

Comment: Prairies kick off 'unofficial start to summer' with heavy snow and ice

Snowflake Cold

Prairies kick off 'unofficial start to summer' with heavy snow and ice

Snow in Waterton, Alberta on May 21

Snow in Waterton, Alberta on May 21
Though deemed the "unofficial kickoff to summer," things are looking and feeling a lot more wintry across parts of the Prairies to start the May long weekend.

After beginning the week with some of the first 30-degree weather of the year, the mid-summer like heat quickly gave way to tumbling temperatures, setting the scene for a much more wintry end to the week. Snowfall and freezing rain warnings spanned Alberta and Saskatchewan through Friday morning, with difficult travel being reported on some major highway routes.

As much as 10-20+ cm of snow was forecast through the hardest hit areas, as temperatures hovered close to the freezing mark -- a 30-degree drop for most places from Monday. Persistent freezing rain has also taken a toll across parts of southern Saskatchewan, snapping tree branches and resulting in local power outages.

The good news is, conditions will gradually improve through Saturday, as temperatures attempt to rebound to more seasonal values. Some of the warmest weather will actually be felt across northern Alberta, with daytime highs reaching the lower 20s by Sunday.


Snow hits Mongolia's capital as summer nears

Heavy snowfall hit Mongolia's capital early Saturday morning, despite summertime approaching.

The air temperature in Ulan Bator, which was around 20 degrees Celsius midday Friday, has dropped to 1 degree Celsius by Saturday noon.

In Mongolia, March, April and May are spring months, with weather conditions changing widely day-to-day or hour-to-hour.

Source: Xinhua


Late May Sierra snowstorm catches visitors, some locals off guard

Jennifer Baker submitted this photo of snow in Coleville, Calif.
© Jennifer Baker
May snow in Coleville, Calif.
Tonya Daugherty was visiting the region from North Carolina and wasn't expecting snow during her trip to the Sierra.

"Nobody back home is going to believe this," she said.

The late spring Sierra storm even caught locals off guard. They heard about the winter storm advisory but didn't expect to see a winter wonderland this late in May.

"I'm used to the snow but I'm not used to the snow when it should be almost summer," said Mike Lake.

"Usually the weather is really nice during this time of year but I guess it just decided to up and dump on us randomly," Talia Moore said.

But not everyone was surprised. Scott Lee says he's seen snowfall in the Sierra well into summer.