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Sun, 02 Apr 2023
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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - December 2022: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

This past month of December, a couple of serious blasts of Arctic air spread across the continental U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe and Asia, shattering records. More than 250 million were affected by the freezing temperatures... and winter had just started.

Forecasters believe that man-made climate change has empowered La Niña, triggering the so-called Greenland Block (A powerful area of high pressure in the Northeast Pacific and lower-than-normal air pressure over the western Pacific). They even propose this is the main factor for the record freezing temperatures in the northern hemisphere this winter. Yet, we know better now: The sun defines climate, and the global cold trend may increase over the coming years.

Warm-mongers also highlighted that sea ice in Antarctica reached its lowest extent on record at the end of December. Yet, in the long-term Antarctic sea ice still shows an increasing trend. In addition, the overall snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere is the second-highest in the past 17 years.

Arctic and antarctic ice and snow increase and decrease in yearly cycles connected to larger cycles of solar activity. As the solar-minimum sets in, we can expect an overall increase in ice and snow cover.

The arctic blasts engulfed the US, coast-to-coast and top-to-bottom. 60% of the US was affected by freezing temperatures, and 2 million were left without power. The pattern flipped to warmer temperatures at the end of the month, just to welcome another forecasted polar vortex in January.

Most of Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, was also hit by extreme cold. Airports canceled thousands of flights, and power outages affected more than 300,000 just in Quebec and Ontario.

The UK was pummeled by the 'snowiest period in 12 years' lasting a month. The government outlined plans to go 'lights out' in January after National Grid warned there could be blackouts due to an expected energy crisis.

It was also a time of extremes in France and parts of Switzerland with significant snow at higher altitudes, and heavy rain lower down. Even if there was a warmer trend in some parts of Europe this month, the forecasts point out to a colder January.

Parts of Moscow were covered by over 12 inches of snow this month, something not usually observed until the end of winter. The last time a similar depth of snow was recorded in Moscow in mid-December was in 1989 and 1993.

And Mexico City also got its third snowfall in 82 years, affecting primarily high-altitude areas.

Floods triggered by sheets of rain continued around the world this month, including:
  • Philippines - Heavy rain caused 51 deads and the displacement of at least 46,000. 17,300 acres of crops were wiped out.
  • Southern Thailand - 21 inches of rain in 24 hours.
  • Northcentral Vietnam - 13 inches of rain in 24 hours.
  • Namibia - 3 months' worth of rain in 24 hours.
  • South Africa - Countrywide floods.
  • Baghdad, Iraq - Non-stop rain for 45 days.
And at least two died and 11 were injured after a strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern California. Thousands were left without power. 80 aftershocks have rattled parts of Northern California since the event. The largest aftershock was a 4.6 magnitude quake in Rio Dell, one of the hardest hit areas.


Is there an Orwellian agenda behind "Climate Change"?

climate change NWO

Comment: This 2017 Dutch SOTT-Focus article correctly predicted that the CO2 scam is going to be used to control every facet of our lives.

To what extent is climate change real? And what is actually happening? Read on to find out our viewpoint about this.

Co2 tracker

"It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it." ~ John Coleman - Meteorologist and founder of the American Weather Channel.
Only 36 percent of geoscientists and engineers believe humanity is causing a climate crisis, according to a survey from the peer-reviewed Organization Studies. In contrast, a large majority of the 1,077 respondents are convinced that nature is the main cause of global warming.

Global warming skeptic scientists do not deny that man-made CO2 is warming the planet. But regard the amount of CO2 emitted by humans as too minuscule to make a difference.

Remember Al Gore's globally promoted documentary ''An inconvenient truth,'' calling for "drastic measures" to reduce greenhouse gases before they reach "the point of no return" within ten years? Well, the ten years have passed. And the doomsday scenarios have not materialized.

Comment: The role humanity plays in the planetary/cosmic "weather system" lies in the strength of its "collective psychic state" - which is now in serious trouble because of the increasingly extreme pathological control over humanity.

So we are responsible for climate change, just not in the way everyone thinks. The hidden powers have distorted and falsified this higher truth - and have everything to fear when it comes to light.


To Support You Against The Onslaught of Mendacity From Officialdom, We Need You to Keep Sott.net Online: 2023 SOTT.net Goodies Here!

canada protest convoy covid
Somehow, we've made it to the end of 2022 without civilization collapsing. Although most things did - more or less - successfully 'reboot' after the hare-brained, draconian 'lockdowns' of 2020, and the 'voluntary' ("but if you don't take it, you're fired - and WILL die soon") 'vaccines' of 2021, it's thanks only to the resilience of decent working people that anything still works at all. And special thanks should go to the Canadian truckers and their millions of supporters who stood up to the Trudeau regime in early 2022. For all we know, without their peaceful uprising, Covidianism and globalist diktats would have been forced on us all to a greater extent than they have so far been.

Then again, maybe the pathocrats in power no longer care what 'the little people' think. What was it that pulled governments back from the brink of physically enforcing compulsory 'vaccination' in 2022: mounting evidence that the 'vaccines' had no effect on reducing Covid-19 transmission or hospitalizations? Concern over the growing, widespread discontent? Or Vladimir Putin's announcement in late February that Russia would no longer stand by while a US-installed puppet regime in Ukraine attacked ethnic Russians?

The timing was certainly interesting. Two whole years of deliberate psychological terror about a relatively harmless illness suddenly gave way to the kind of racist and virulently hateful invective against Russia that would have made Hitler proud. So much for 'never again'. Once again a Western 'grande armée' is at war with Russia, a war they tell us will not end until Russia's total collapse or the government's replacement with entities favorable to Western business. Not only that, we're told that the war is existential - that the West, as such, will 'cease to exist' if Ukraine does not 'defeat' Russia.


Vladimir Putin: Leading Humanity Through the Transition

The West's "Empire of Lies" is powerless against truth and justice. Russia will continue to bring its position to the whole world. Our position is honest and open, and more and more people hear, understand and share it. ~ Vladimir Putin (source)
Putin lights a candle

Comment: This article is part of a series of which the previous articles can be found below. May these give hope during these trying and deciding times.

2 + 2 = 4

Dmitry Medvedev on The Question of Legitimate Military Targets in Ukraine

NATO V Russia
The question of legitimate military objectives has been treated differently in the history of mankind. It is perceived differently during the current conflict with the Nazi regime of Ukraine. For example, Russophobic marasmatics from the US Senate like to practice on this topic by the way and inappropriately. However, there is something in common that lies in the customs of war and international conventions. These are the rules of conduct during the war (jus in bello), which originate in sacred sources.

What are legitimate military targets today?

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NewsReal: 2022 Year in Review: From Canada Freedom Convoy to US-Russia Proxy War

newsreal canada covid war ukraine
© Sott.net
2022 is almost over! Joe and Niall look back on some of the highs (and lows) of a turbulent year. From crushing freedom protests in Canada to raking in billion$ from war in Ukraine, it was another great year... for the elites.

For the people, not so much, but at least the 'clown shoes' antics of their leaders have clarified much about so-called 'democracy'.

Running Time: 01:47:52

Download: MP3 — 73.7 MB

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MindMatters: Does Free Will Exist? Yes, Obviously - and Other Answers to Big Questions

batman free will
Today on MindMatters, we dive into Chris Langan's essay collection, "The Art of Knowing." In the process we discuss free will, Libet's experiments and their interpretations, reality theory, morality (relative? absolute? both?), why we need bad situations in order to grow, and Batman (the greatest superhero).

Running Time: 01:35:00

Download: MP3 — 130 MB

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NewsReal: Twitter Files Expose Feds, German 'Royalist Coup Plot' & Russian 'Lord of War' Exchanged

musk roth twitter files germany coup
© Sott.net
More 'Twitter Files' published this week confirmed widespread US government and LGBT+ activists' interference in 'managing' social media platforms to 'de-amplify' dissenting voices on secret blacklists. Besides outright censorship through banning, we also learned their 'rationale' for banning Trump, and that shadow-banning is really a thing - you were not imagining it, and everyone in the media and government has spent the last 6 years gaslighting you about it.

Also on this week's NewsReal, Joe and Niall examine the bizarre claims in German media this week about the uncovering of a 'royalist plot to violently overthrow the government'. Thanks only to dawn raids on 130 premises by over 3,000 police officers was democracy this week 'saved' in Germany, which narrowly avoided being taken over by armed, elderly, aristocratic, anti-vaxx, QAnon conspiracy theorists.

No, that's what they actually claimed!

Finally, Viktor Bout has returned to Russia. Why on Earth would the US government release 'the second-most-wanted-man-alive' after Osama Bin Laden - who they labelled the 'Lord of War' and the 'Merchant of Death' - to RUSSIA, in the midst of a conflict against that country of apocalyptic, existential proportions?

Running Time: 02:00:26

Download: MP3 — 82.7 MB

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - November 2022: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

This month was marked by early snowfalls in the Northern Hemisphere and late ones in the Southern Hemisphere, along with 2 possible meteorite impacts, and unusually strong floods.

According to NOAA, snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere is the second-highest for November in the past 17 years, extending from Minnesota to Siberia. Extensive snow cover early in the cold season is not a good sign, as air masses can deepen in later months. So far, the trend points to a persistent cold and harsh winter.
Northern hemisphere snow cover.
© National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Northern hemisphere snow cover.
Northern hemisphere snow cover.
© National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Northern hemisphere snow cover.
Bad news for the US and the EU as they are unprepared for a harsh winter, thanks to the ruling pathocrats' (and similar crazies) beyond stupid, society-damaging economic decisions of late. This, of course, is part of a larger "strategy" to impose a global totalitarian regime. And nature, of course, responds to the widespread suffering caused by it.

The northern part of the US is already experiencing a fast drop in temperature, and significant snowfalls disrupted traffic and power. Minnesota, and Western New York, were the most affected this month.

Inner Mongolia and northern parts of China also got blanketed in early snow this month, along with a mix of unusually consistent precipitation.

An unseasonable cold snap across southeastern Australia caused record snowfalls in several states in early summer.

And after an extremely wet October, southeast Australia continued to see heavy rainfall and floods in November. New South Wales and Victoria got the worst of the floods, with towns isolated and hundreds displaced. Local farmers continue suffering significant losses.

Heavy flooding continued to wreak havoc around the world this month. Some events to highlight:
  • Eastern DR Congo and Rwanda - Record-breaking floods triggering landslides and claiming at least 40 lives
  • Florida's East Coast - Hurricane Nicole claimed 5 lives and left 300,000 without power
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - 7 inches of rain in just 6 hours
  • Dominican Republic - Widespread Power outages in Santo Domingo
  • Spain - Record-breaking storm shuts down airport in Valencia and left thousands without power.
And some notable earthquakes worth mentioning:
  • Shallow magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Java, Indonesia - 310 dead and widespread building damage.
  • Magnitude 5.6 earthquake hit Western Nepal - At least six people died.
  • Shallow magnitude 6.2 earthquake near the coast of Chile.
  • Rare 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit West Texas.
And last but not least: Several people across Northern California captured on video a meteor fireball that made headlines after claims that it destroyed a home in Nevada County.

The homeowner, Dustin Procita, and his neighbors told arriving firefighters that they had heard a thunderous crash at about the same time as the blaze had begun.

In Canada, video and witnesses saw, heard, and felt the impact of a 3 feet meteorite. The impact should have been around Brantford, Ontario. Astronomers said locals may find remnants in the area.
Astronomers spotted the asteroid just hours before it struck Earth on November 19, near Lake Erie in Canada. This is not the first time this year astronomers have discovered a rock from space just hours before it hit Earth. But this time, it entered Earth's atmosphere over a populated area.
So, grab a coat, look up and pay attention!


Musk's Twittergate & Hunter's Laptop: Why FBI Have a Ton to Answer For

hunter laptop
© Epoch Times
Last Friday, Elon Musk dropped the "Twitter Files" bombshell via journalist Matt Taibbi. He detailed how Democratic operatives and FBI execs censored the "laptop from hell" story and Team Biden's political opponents prior to the 2020 election."

The first batch of the Twitter Files proved that Twitter executives helped Joe Biden cover up the fact that he lied about not knowing anything about his son Hunter's business dealings. In fact, he not only knew about those dealings but was involved in them," Hans Mahncke, a US investigative journalist and co-host of "Truth Over News" on EpochTV, told Sputnik.

He referred to files originating from Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" which were made public in October 2020 and then immediately suppressed by Twitter.

On December 2, Musk, who became the owner of the social net platform on October 28, started to release thousands of internal Twitter emails. On November 30, the businessman accused the platform's former leadership of interfering in US elections through content moderation. According to the Musk, the US public deserves to know who was behind the decision to censor the laptop story.