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Fri, 23 Feb 2018
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Experts admit in mainstream news that mutations in virus caused by flu shot have worsened the epidemic

Flu shot
(Note from Erin: Good news! Not only is ABC news linked here, but so is NBC news who explains why the flu shot is "lousy" in their title, (see below) and basically "useless" to those over 65. Wake up America. Countless MDs (including the head of Cleveland Clinic) are calling out the dangerous adjuvants that can injure, harm and even kill you or your family in this dangerous ineffective vaccine.
You may be seeing some false articles written on the fake site that has fallen from grace this past year: Snopes. Sadly they have not done the research we have. You might be familiar with them because of their court battles for allegedly defrauding their own company, for illegal activity at that! I'm not sure if they are attacking us with so much vitriol because we reported on that (along with many mainstream sources), if it's because they need money, or if it's something else (someone even asked me if I had ever dated the guy to deserve all this, uh, no) but their seething hatred for Dr Mercola and me is clear. What we do know is they are pro-Pharma, pro-Big Oil, pro Fracking and anything pro-Business. They don't support the people and had to beg for money this past year on the internet (yes, they were about to get shut down with good reason). You can read about Snopes begging for money publicly in the New York Times. We also realize that Snopes has sent most of our detractors and downright vicious trolls to this article as well. No surprise there.

We talked at length with the editor who interviewed the health department official that gave the quote. They confirmed she did make the surprising statement. (HOWEVER, when Snopes reached out to her, they heard only crickets, "...though our request for comment from Treague has not been returned."1) I am not at liberty to share what their reaction was, but let's just say it was very clear that it was surprising to many. You can see it's reflected in their headline as well, which raised eyebrows. They too received much feedback about this controversial headline, which many PhDs in science and MDs have said they fully support - minus the part about receiving the vaccination regardless of the inefficacy. Thank you in advance. Founder, Erin Elizabeth)

Comment: RFK Jr. has been warning for years that scientific studies have shown that the flu vaccine is not effective either at reducing the flu or reducing flu-related deaths. In fact researchers comparing vaccine rates with influenza-related illness over a 19-year period found that deaths from the flu increased as vaccination rates increased.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Hands off my lady bits! The medical mismanagement of female health

© Tara Jacoby
Did you get your yearly pelvic exam? How about a mammogram? Did you have a natural birth or a c-section? Have you ever woken up from a minor surgery to find your ovaries missing? The world of allopathic medicine is fraught with malpractice and the field of women's health comes with its own set if dangers.

Join us on this episode of The Health and Wellness Show where we'll discuss medically overmanaged childbirths, labiaplasties, hysterectomy and female castration (otherwise known oophorectomy), breast cancer, the mammogram scam and more.

Stay tuned at the end of the show for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be pseudo-pregnancy in dogs.

Running Time: 01:09:36

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Researchers confirm processed diets are "increasing burden of cancer"

© Mike Blake / Reuters
The more ultra-processed foods that we consume, the greater our risk of cancer, a long-term study shows.

For the first time, researchers have explored the link between cancer and ultra-processed foods, which include chicken nuggets, packaged cakes, ready meals, fizzy drinks, chocolate, instant noodles and reconstituted meat products. A team at the Universite Sorbonne Paris Cite published the study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on Wednesday. They found consuming ultra-processed food is associated with a higher risk of cancer.

The results showed that a 10 percent increase in the consumption of ultra-processed foods is associated with a 12 percent risk of overall cancer, and an 11 percent increased risk of breast cancer specifically.

Cupcake Pink

Major study reveals processed foods are driving up rates of cancer

processed foods cancer
© Daily Mail
Eating processed food significantly raises the risk of cancer, experts warned. They said the disease was claiming more lives because of the popularity of ready meals and sugary cereals
  • Eating processed food significantly raises the risk of cancer, experts have said
  • The disease is claiming more lives because of the popularity of ready meals
  • Sugary cereals and fizzy drinks also dangerous, the wide-ranging study found
  • Families are told to heed the warning and read food labels more carefully
Eating processed food significantly raises the risk of cancer, experts warned last night.

They said the disease was claiming more lives because of the popularity of ready meals, sugary cereals and fizzy drinks.

The products put middle-aged women in particular danger from breast cancer, according to a study in the British Medical Journal.

'Ultra-processed' food - any product involving an industrial procedure - now makes up half of our diet.

Packed with chemical additives, the foods bear little resemblance to home-cooked meals. And the more of them an individual eats, the higher their risk of cancer of any type.

Snowflake Cold

Better than opioids: Swimming in cold water could be an alternative to strong painkillers

cold adaptation
Swimming in cold water could be an alternative to strong painkillers, doctors believe.

A short, sharp plunge into the open sea cured a British man of the debilitating pain he had been suffering for two and a half months.

Experts at Cambridge University and the University of East Anglia have now called for research into cold-water therapy as a treatment for serious pain, in light of his case.

Doctors believe the shock of sudden immersion may have disrupted his nervous system, jolting him out of a cycle of pain.

Writing in the journal BMJ Case Reports, Dr Tom Mole from UEA, and Pieter Mackeith from Cambridge, report the 'unexpected, immediate, complete and sustained remission' of the persistent pain suffered by a 28-year-old patient following an operation.

The man, who is not named, had been suffering from debilitating pain for 10 weeks when he decided to jump from a rocky outcrop into the sea 'as distraction'.

He said: 'I initially thought - "damn this is so cold I'm going to die!"

'I just swam for my life - Once I was in the water, I had tunnel vision - for the first time in months, I completely forgot about the pain or the fear of shooting pains in my chest if I moved.

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Dr. Mark Hyman: The calorie myth is the most damaging food lie we have ever been told

calorie counting
Other than the lie that fat makes you fat and causes heart disease (which has been thoroughly debunked by myself in Eat Fat Get Thin, in Harvard doctor David Ludwig's book Always Hungry, and even in our new 2015 US Dietary Guidelines), the biggest lie that has caused endless suffering for tens of millions of people is that to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more.

This lie goes something like this: All calories are the same. Weight loss is about math - calories in/calories out. If you eat more than you burn you will gain weight. If you eat less than you burn you will lose weight. This is called the Energy Balance Hypothesis. This seems logical, except it is scientifically wrong. It is the message that our government tells us, the message that almost every doctor, nutritionist, and weight loss program tell us. And, it's even what our public health and professional organizations tell us, including the American Nutrition and Dietetic Association, the American Heart Association, and the American Diabetes Association (which, by the way, all get huge amounts of funding from the food industry).

Comment: The calorie myth is right up there with the cholesterol myth as being damaging for human health. How many people have needlessly starved themselves and sweated themselves to exhaustion on the stair-climber at the prompting of misinformed 'experts'?

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H3N2: The deadly flu no one saw coming

© pixabay.com
Thousands of people have been treated at hospitals, including seemingly healthy adults, marking the worst season in a decade

Heather Holland, a second-grade teacher, came home feeling a little sick on the last Monday in January.

"It just sounded like her throat was scratchy," said her husband, Frank Holland, a discomfort easy to ignore at first for a working mother. Over the next days, she made seemingly inconsequential decisions, including skipping a medicine because of the cost. Then her symptoms suddenly worsened, eventually sending Ms. Holland, 38 years old, to the hospital, on the brink of death.

Her battle was among the most severe fought during this influenza season, America's worst in a decade. It has taken the U.S. by surprise, pitting a weak flu vaccine against particularly virulent strains.

Comment: Misinformation and downright deception abound with regard to flu vaccines. and some safe, natural alternatives


1 in 10 American deaths caused by flu, and climbing

flu jab vaccine
© Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images
The amount of influenza ravaging the U.S. this year rivals levels normally seen when an altogether new virus emerges, decimating a vulnerable population that hasn't had a chance to develop any defenses.

It's an unexpected phenomenon that public health experts are still trying to decode.

The levels of influenza-like illnesses being reported now are as high as the peak of the swine flu epidemic in 2009, and exceed the last severe seasonal flu outbreak in 2003 when a new strain started circulating, said Anne Schuchat, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's acting director. Swine flu, which swept the globe in 2009 and 2010, sickened 60.8 million Americans, hospitalized 274,304 and killed 12,469, according to CDC data. Deaths from the current outbreak will likely far outstrip those of the 2009-2010 season.

"This is a difficult season, and we can't predict how much longer the severe season will last," she said. "I wish there was better news, but everything we are looking at is bad news."

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Get off your duff and shake your stuff: The health benefits of dancing

The evidence-based health benefits of dancing are numerous and profound. In fact, if dancing were a drug it would be considered unethical not to use it.

If you already love to dance, you know how easy it is to work up a sweat on the dance floor. Far from the monotony of the treadmill, dancing is an exercise that engages not only the body, but also our creativity and sense of fun. Who knows where a dance will take you? When the music starts playing, it can feel almost like a trance: toes start tapping, hips begin to sway, and before you know it, you are creating your own moves that flow from within-no choreographer needed! Dancing can be a deep release that melts away stress and worry, while simultaneously delivering a great workout. Talk about a win-win!

Comment: Read more about the health benefits of dancing:


Bits of bugs in your cup of Joe? What's inside your coffee is likely a bit grosser than you want to know

© MR.RAWIN TANPIN/Shutterstock
After a year of daily coffee drinking, you've probably consumed more than 130,000 insect fragments.

Every coffee drinker has their own preference. For the purists, it's straight up "black, hold the sugar," while the lactose-inclined tend to enjoy a bit of milk with their morning brew. Then there are the ingredients none of us have a say in selecting. For starters, how about insects?

If you just spat a mouthful of joe back into your mug, that's fair enough. But the reality of the situation is that coffee is just one of many daily ingredients we ingest that likely contain a bit of bug. In fact, the FDA makes special allowances it calls "unavoidable defects" for all the insect fragments that end up in common foods like cornmeal, macaroni and peanut butter, as well as fruits and vegetables. How many insect fragments exactly?