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Sat, 16 Dec 2017
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Archaeologists uncover rare 2,000-year-old Roman sundial during theater excavation in Italy

2,000 year old sundial
© Faculty of Classics, Cambridge University
The Latin inscription on Tubula's sundial.
A 2,000-year-old intact and inscribed sundial - one of only a handful known to have survived - has been recovered during the excavation of a roofed theatre in the Roman town of Interamna Lirenas, near Monte Cassino, in Italy.

Not only has the sundial survived largely undamaged for more than two millennia, but the presence of two Latin texts means researchers from the University of Cambridge have been able to glean precise information about the man who commissioned it.

The sundial was found lying face down by students of the Faculty of Classics as they were excavating the front of one of the theatre's entrances along a secondary street. It was probably left behind at a time when the theatre and town was being scavenged for building materials during the Medieval to post-Medieval period. In all likelihood it did not belong to the theatre, but was removed from a prominent spot, possibly on top of a pillar in the nearby forum.


Meet the real Lenin: Traitor, parasite, lunatic

vladimir lenin

Lenin: psycho
There is a general consensus that Stalin was a sadistic tyrant. But the ghost of his predecessor remains "handshakeworthy" on the left hand side of the political spectrum. The SWPLy bobos of Seattle, who would not have been long for the Communist world, erected a statue to him in the city center. The New York Times "celebrated" the centenary of the Russian Revolution with odes to the Bolsheviks' progressivism on the environment, sex, and race (not that Terell J. Starr with his strange ideas of how the USSR "centered the Russian slav" would appreciate it).

Westerners, at least, have a good excuse for subscribing to the self-serving Trotskyite belief that Stalin "betrayed" Lenin's revolution - after all, the bacillus that Germany unleashed upon Russia during its moment of weakness and disarray did more than anyone else to derail De Tocqueville's prophesy and ensure that the 20th century would be an exclusively American one.

Comment: You understand now why Vladimir Putin was in no mood for 'celebrating' the Bolshevik revolution.

Russian Communist Party upset that Kremlin isn't celebrating centenary of 1917 revolution

'The Russian Revolution in Colour' - How the Bolsheviks subverted the 1917 Russian revolution (Documentary)

Over 90 percent of citizens say new revolution in Russia is unthinkable


Tokyo has been destroyed and rebuilt on average, from 1608 to 1945, once every five years"

“Nichiren Calming the Storm,” a 19th century painting by Utagawa Kuniyoshi / Hulton Fine Art Collection /
© Getty Images
The effects of centuries of natural disaster may be most obvious in Japanese culture.

“Nichiren Calming the Storm,” a 19th century painting by Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Ayumi Endo remembers the 2011 earthquake and tsunami with exquisite detail. She ran downstairs to screaming coworkers. The phones in Tokyo had stopped working, and the trains outside stopped running. To kill time, she went to a pub, and saw a tsunami chase a car on TV. The drama was seared into Ayumi's memory. "We all knew how terrible this was," she said. "It was like a movie scene."

Years later, 3/11, as it is informally known, has left deep grooves in Japan's collective psyche. The disaster caused an increase in suicides, PTSD, and stress-related physical ailments like cardiovascular disease. In Fukushima, the number of stress-related deaths-1,656-has topped deaths directly caused by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown combined.

As bad as they were, the 2011 earthquake and tsunami were just the latest chapter in a long, tragic narrative. The Japanese archipelago sits at the nexus of four tectonic plates, subjecting the region to more than 1,500 seismic events each year, including at least two 5.0 magnitude or higher earthquakes. As a result, Tokyo has been destroyed and rebuilt on average, from 1608 to 1945, once every five years.


The CIA dismisses America

Open Letter from JFK Assassination Expert Dan Hardway

CIA graphic
© Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from sarang / Wikimedia and CIA / Wikimedia.
The following is an article about an open letter Dan Hardway sent to his senator. Hardway worked as an investigator on the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) in the late 1970s, and is a noted expert on the JFK assassination. He calls on all people interested in transparency to reject an all-encompassing government secrecy that threatens our very liberty and democracy. - WhoWhatWhy Staff

A 1964 CIA memo spells out clearly how James Jesus Angleton, the agency's famous counterintelligence chief, wanted to deal with inquiries from the Warren Commission:

Jim would prefer to wait out the Commission.1

History seems to be repeating itself. The events of the past two weeks have shown that the CIA is still running a disinformation campaign against anyone who questions the "lone-nut" theory that, according to historian David Robarge, constitutes the agency's "best truth."


Star of David

How British Zionism created both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Israel

Abdel Aziz Ibn Saud with Sir Percy Cox

Abdel Aziz Ibn Saud with Sir Percy Cox.
The covert alliance between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity of Israel should be no surprise to any student of British imperialism. The problem is the study of British imperialism has very few students. Indeed, one can peruse any undergraduate or post-graduate British university prospectus and rarely find a module in a Politics degree on the British Empire let alone a dedicated degree or Masters degree. Of course if the European-led imperialist carnage in the four years between 1914 - 1918 tickles your cerebral cells then it's not too difficult to find an appropriate institution to teach this subject, but if you would like to delve into how and why the British Empire waged war on mankind for almost four hundred years you're practically on your own in this endeavor. One must admit, that from the British establishment's perspective, this is a formidable and remarkable achievement.

Comment: It's diabolical, isn't it? In placing the worst kind of 'Islamic' regime in charge of Islam's holiest sites right next door to the worst kind of 'Jewish' one, it's as if the (then-British) Empire went out of its way to pit Jews against Muslims.

In this light, Israel is the modern Crusader state, which, together with Saudi Arabia, have for the last 100 years been wholly Western creatures, if not outright colonies.

The end of WW I didn't end 'the war to end all wars' - it began a century of endless war and terror; the 'anglo-American century', a Western quest for global hegemony.

Now we can understand why these two regimes support ISIS, why they have full backing from 'on high' in London and Washington, and why they're cooperating against the rival alliance of Iran, Syria, the Houthis and Hezbollah:

Leaked Israeli diplomatic cable reveals Saudi-Israeli plans to provoke war with Iran and demonize Hezbollah

Radical Islam is an invention of European intelligence agencies


China: Archeologists discover cave-dweller agrarian society

cave dwelling
© Xinhua
Nanshan ruins
Chinese archaeologists have found a large amount of carbonized rice grains in caves dating from the New Stone Age, challenging the conventional view that cave dwellers were solely hunter gathers and did not cultivate land for food.

More than 10,000 grains were discovered at the No 4 cave in the Nanshan ruins in East China's Fujian province, which dates back 5,300 to 4,300 years.

At an ongoing international conference on prehistoric archaeology being held in Fujian, the archaeological team announced that this is the first cave-dwelling agrarian society ever found in China.

The finding is also rare worldwide, said Zhao Zhijun, a member of the team and also from the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The grains are believed to have been grown by the Nanshan cave dwellers, rather than being obtained by other means, because many farmland weeds were also found along with the grains, according to Zhao.


Man's earliest mammalian ancestors discovered in southern England

early mammals
© University of Portsmouth
A reconstruction of the mammals by palaeo-artist Dr Mark Witton.
Fossils of the oldest mammals related to mankind have been discovered on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset.

The two teeth are from small, rat-like creatures that lived 145 million years ago in the shadow of the dinosaurs. They are the earliest undisputed fossils of mammals belonging to the line that led to human beings.

They are also the ancestors to most mammals alive today, including creatures as diverse as the Blue Whale and the Pigmy Shrew. The findings are published today in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, in a paper by Dr Steve Sweetman, Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth, and co-authors from the same university.

Red Flag

Remembering Russia's October Revolution: A blight on humanity to be condemned for all eternity

vladimir lenin
This October marks the centennial anniversary of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia and the establishment of Soviet-style Communism which tragically, for the Russian people, would last for some seventy interminable years. Not only did the Soviet regime liquidate and imprison millions, but its idiotic system of central planning impoverished the country, turning it into an economic basket case, the effects of which continue to this day.

Just as bad, the Bolsheviks murdered the last Czar, Nicholas II and his family, brutally ending nearly five hundred years of monarchial rule of Russia. Within a year of the demise of the Russian aristocracy, two other of Europe's venerable royal houses - Germany and Austria - met the same fate, all three casualties of their insane decision to participate in World War I. The end of the German Court and especially that of Austria came at the vengeful insistence of then President Woodrow Wilson, who brought the US into the conflict on the pledge to make the "world safe for democracy."

The triumph of the Bolsheviks and the downfall of the German and Austrian monarchies ushered in the Age of Democracy as other Western constitutional republics at the time and in each passing year began to resemble and adopt features of their supposed Communist foe. As the 20th century wore on, each Western nation state became more "democratic," increasing their welfare/warfare state apparatus, imposing more and more radical egalitarian social and economic measures, and adopting greater amounts of economic planning mostly through central banking. Not only did economic activity become increasingly effected by monetary policy, but the central banks were instrumental in the eradication of the gold standard throughout the Western world.

Comment: An antidote for all those Leftists who still think that - despite its flaws - the Soviet state was a good thing: Political Ponerology. Anti-communist propaganda may have been heavy-handed and politically motivated. But that doesn't change the fact that the Soviet system was at its core inhuman and plainly psychopathic.


Why Hadrian's Wall is succumbing to erosion after nearly 2,000 years

Why Hadrian's Wall is succumbing to foreign invasion after nearly 2,000 years
© North News & Pictures
Ugent repairs are being carried out to Hadrian's Wall which is starting to erod because of visitors
It was designed to keep out the barbarians but nearly two thousand years after Hadrian's Wall was erected, the structure is finally succumbing to foreign invasion.

So many visitors are flocking to the World Heritage Site that the path running alongside it is wearing away, leaving the foundations exposed to the elements and in danger of collapse.

The National Trust, which cares for six miles of the wall, claims the attraction has seen a boost in numbers sparked by the weak pound.

Yesterday the Trust flew in 35 tonnes of stone by helicopter to repair the 250ft section at Caw Gap, a picturesque dip in the undulating fortification which attracts tens of thousands of walkers every year.

Comment: Also see:


Declassified: CIA poisoned entire town with LSD in massive mind-control experiment

Declassified: CIA poisoned entire town with LSD in massive mind-control experiment
The CIA intentionally dosed a French village with LSD as part of a top-secret mind control experiment according to documents released under FOIA.

For decades, after a French village was struck by mass insanity and hallucinations in 1951, it was widely believed that a local bakery's flour had become contaminated by ergot, a poisonous fungus that occurs naturally on rye and causes hallucinations. However, a discovery by an investigative journalist doing research for a book about the incident uncovered damning evidence that the village's food was intentionally contaminated with LSD as part of a secret CIA mind control experiment.

On August 16, 1951, numerous locals were suddenly stricken with horrifying hallucinations of fire, dragons, and snakes, with dozens being committed to asylums and hundreds left with varying degrees of madness. The incident was known locally as the mystery of Le Pain Maudit (Cursed Bread).

Comment: CIA LSD experiment in 1951 drove whole French village mad