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UN author says "cull" of humanity is only "realistic way" to avert climate catastrophe

UCL Professor Bill McGuire
The grisly streak of neo-Malthusianism that runs through the green movement reared its ugly head earlier this week when former United Nations contributing author and retired UCL Professor Bill McGuire tweeted that the only "realistic way" to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown was to cull the human population with a high fatality pandemic. The tweet was subsequently withdrawn by McGuire, "not because I regret it", but people took it the wrong way. McGuire is the alarmists' alarmist, suggesting for instance that human-caused climate change could lead to more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Daily Sceptic will not take his views the wrong way. They are an illuminating insight into environmental Malthusianism that does not get anything like the amount of publicity it deserves.


Unpacking Ray Dalio's alarmist prediction of civil war

US divided
Every time the Ray Dalios of the world open their mouths on the risks that the great unwashed masses pose to "Our Democracy™," they make the idea of a political separation sound far more agreeable.

The other day, Ray Dalio, the billionaire investor and founder of Bridgewater Associates, told The Financial Times that he sees the risk of a second American civil war as "growing" and places the odds of such a war at "35-40 percent." According to FT, Dalio's "research" has led him to conclude that "we are now on the brink," although we "don't yet know if we will cross over into much more turbulent times."

On the one hand, it's important to remember that Dalio is nearly universally known as a world-class crank. He's made a lot of money in the markets and has long been considered an astute investor, but he has also long been considered an odd duck, to put it gently. Additionally, the idea that this proclamation and setting of odds are based on "research" is silly. There are no variables one can examine and analyze and then use to calculate an objective estimate of a civil war's occurrence. To pretend otherwise is... well... perfectly Dalio-esque.

Evil Rays

CBC has whitewashed Israel's crimes in Gaza. I saw it firsthand

whitewashing genocide
Working for five years as a producer at the public broadcaster, I witnessed the double standards and discrimination in its coverage of Palestine — and experienced directly how CBC disciplines those who speak out

The executive producer peered at me with concern. It was November 16, 2023 and I had been called into a virtual meeting at CBC. I was approaching my sixth year with the public broadcaster, where I worked as a producer in television and radio.

He said he could tell I was "passionate" about what was happening in Gaza. His job, he told me, was to ensure my passion wasn't making me biased. He said I hadn't "crossed the line" yet, but that I had to be careful. The conversation ended with him suggesting that I might want to go on mental health leave.

I declined. My mind was fine. I could see clearly what was happening.


I was thrown out of California public library for discussing if it's fair for men to compete in women's sports

Sophia Lorey
Sophia Lorey is a former collegiate soccer player and currently the outreach director at California Family Council.
We all win by encouraging open dialogue and vigorous debate on issues of critical importance

It took less than two minutes and the mention of the word "men," and I was shouted down. I had barely introduced myself and a heckler accused me of committing the alleged crime of "misgendering" by using the phrase, "men in women's sports."

In August 2023, I was invited to the Yolo County library in California to speak at an event called "Forum on Fair and Safe Sport for Girls." As a former college soccer player, I'm passionate about protecting women's sports from being invaded by male athletes and welcomed the opportunity to join Moms for Liberty and other women advocates in openly discussing a relevant cultural issue.

But all I was able to share was my dream of being a college soccer player since I was 10 years old and how girls today could miss out on achieving their athletic dreams because of being forced to compete against boys.

Black Magic

New Zealand: Covid-19 vaccine death of Rory Nairn - report highlights failures in informing consumers of risks

Rory Nairn
© Photo / SuppliedRory Nairn died soon after having his Covid-19 vaccination.
The death of a Dunedin man may have been prevented if he had been given more information before consenting to the Covid vaccination that later claimed his life.

That's according to findings released by Coroner Sue Johnson today following Rory Nairn's death from myocarditis in 2021.

And, in a second report also released today, the pharmacy where he was given the vaccination has been found to have breached his right to information, but the Health and Disability Commissioner won't be taking disciplinary action due to the unprecedented circumstances of a worldwide pandemic.

Comment: The only thing that was unprecedented was the induced hysteria and propaganda around the flu-like disease.

Health and Disability Commissioner Morag McDowell has released her report concerning Nairn's death, which the Coroner had earlier determined was directly caused by the Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech) Covid-19 vaccine.

Bizarro Earth

Fugazy Land

Judge Juan Merchan Trump
© CopyrightNew York State Judge Juan Merchan and Donald Trump
"The crisis of meaning only becomes a problem when society becomes resigned to it, accepts a condition of meaninglessness, and seeks to dispossess humanity from the insights and truths it learned through the ages." — Frank Furedi
Really, you must agree: just about anything can happen now, and probably will, and possibly all at the same time — war, sickness, a disordered economy, chaos in money and finance, savages pouring across the open borders, assassination, mayhem in the streets, systems failure, mental illness everywhere you look. You have a sinister, blob-infested government acting like a desperate, cornered animal, fronted by a venal phantasm trailing a personal history of crime. What could go wrong? All of it.

The doings in Judge Merchan's Manhattan present the rectified essence of America's authority problem. You will stipulate that judges are authorities in a pretty pure sense of the word. Their role is to determine what is right and what is wrong, or, at least guide the proceedings that would result in such a fair determination. And, of course, the officers of this court, the District Attorney and his prosecutors, are also entrusted with bringing comprehensible cases that follow the facts fairly, and the laws pertaining to those facts.

Arrow Down

Best of the Web: Helicopter carrying Iranian president crashes - reports

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi
© Sputnik / Sergey BobylevIranian President Ebrahim Raisi
The aircraft with Ebrahim Raisi on board suffered a "hard landing," according to some media.

A helicopter on which Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was a passenger encountered a "hard landing" on Sunday, according to reports by Iranian state television and other media outlets.

The Interior Minister of Iran Ahmad Vahidi has reportedly confirmed that the helicopter with Raisi on board had made a hard landing in the city of Jolfa in the northwestern Iranian province of East Azarbaijan.

Several other senior officials, including Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and Governor of East Azarbaijan Malek Rahmati, were traveling with the president, reports claim.

About an hour after the incident, rescue teams reportedly managed to reach the area and began a search operation that is currently ongoing.

Red Pill

North Carolina could ban face masks in public

face masks
© AP Photo/Gerry Broome
The North Carolina state Senate voted along party lines Wednesday to ban anyone from wearing masks in public, even for health reasons.

Republican supporters of the ban said it would help law enforcement crack down on protesters who wear masks. They say demonstrators are abusing COVID-19 pandemic-era practices to hide their identities following a wave of pro-Palestine protests nationwide and at North Carolina universities.

The bill goes even further and repeals an exception that's been state law since the early stages of the pandemic that allows people to wear masks in public for health and safety reasons.

Eye 2

UK's Sky News one of many Western media outlets expressing barely concealed delight at the shooting of Robert Fico

fico shot
© RTVS / AFPSecurity personnel carrying Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico after he was shot
British broadcaster Sky News has drawn criticism for suggesting that Wednesday's attempted assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was to be expected, given the politician's controversial views and "pro-Russian" stance.

"It's worth thinking about who this individual is," a Sky News anchor said of Fico shortly after he was critically wounded while greeting supporters in the small town of Handlova. Sky News military analyst Michael Clarke replied, "That would make sense. Slovakia is a very conflicted place at the moment."

Clarke, who also works as a security adviser to UK lawmakers, went on to note that Fico had pushed for ending the Russia-Ukraine conflict, rather than continuing to send weapons to Kiev. "He's become very pro-Russian over the years," the analyst said. "One wonders why and how, but maybe that's his conviction."

Bad Guys

Beekeeper forced to burn 10,000 hives after fungus detected in New Zealand, industry has halved in just 2 years

The family watch on as thousands of bee boxes were destroyed.
Beekeepers say New Zealand needs a new approach to a hive-destroying disease that is leaving those affected out of pocket, uncompensated and devastated.

Honey producer Springbank Honey of North Canterbury was ordered to burn more than 10,000 of its beehives and beekeeping equipment after American Foulbrood (AFB) was identified through spore testing.

AFB is a bacterial disease spread by spores that could be viable for up to 40 years. It is considered one of the most widespread and destructive honey bee brood diseases in the world.

The family-owned honey business, operating near Rangiora in North Canterbury, runs 3000 organic beehives and processes honey too.

Comment: The establishment's war on farmers and the acceleration of food inflation, and food shortages continues apace: