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Fri, 25 Sep 2020
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Wayne Dupree: Our welfare state worked for a while, but no longer - it feels like America is sliding toward destruction

Elizabeth Warren
© Reuters/Stephen Lam (file photo)
U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren at a town hall event at Laney College prior to the California Democratic Convention.
The Democrats have enslaved African Americans and used them as election fodder for decades. But more and more people are seeing through their dirty tricks and their plans that will wreck our country.

The welfare state was not a failure for the Democrats. It has achieved everything they wanted up until now. Instead of owning slaves on the plantations, they came up with a plan to deceive blacks.

By giving them a few crumbs from birth to death, they also made them dependent on them. So the black vote was assured election after the election, while the ghetto plantations never got better - only worse.

Thankfully, a number of black voters are waking up - not to the 'woke' generation, but to the reality of what the Democrats want from them. They also see mostly white Antifa activists destroying their neighborhoods and small businesses. Antifa and BLM also use brainwashed blacks from those Democrat ghettos to loot and to kill each other, and educated blacks have taken notice.

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Government drops self-identification plan for trans people

liz truss
© PA
Liz Truss, the equalities minister, argued reform of gender recognition was 'not the top priority for transgender people'.
Trans people have attacked the current process - requiring a medical diagnosis - as intrusive and demeaning.

Plans to allow people to self-identify as a different gender without a medical diagnosis have been axed, two years after the government signalled the change.

Ministers have decided there are already "proper checks and balances in the system and also support for people who want to change their legal sex".

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Boston prof, who got $10mn for anti-racism research from Twitter's Dorsey, catches flak after saying term 'not racist' is RACIST

racism protest washington
© Reuters / Tom Brenner
Protesters stand with signs at a rally in Washington, DC.
Boston University professor and anti-racism activist Ibram Kendi has called to expunge the words "not racist" from the "human vocabulary," arguing the term denies real racism. But not everyone was on board.

"We should eliminate the term 'not racist' from the human vocabulary," Kendi tweeted on Sunday. "We are either being racist or antiracist. Is that clear for you? There is no such thing as 'not racist.'"

Comment: All of the arguments of the 'anti-racists' are logical Gordian knots, circular reasoning from which there is no escape but to accept their position. The best defense against such non-reasoning is to recognize it as being "really silly" and walking away.

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DC area joins nationwide trend of first-time gun ownership

new gun owner classes
© WTOP/Matthew Delaney
Cedric Barnes, owner of Barnes 1st Step Firearms Training in Southeast D.C., teaches student Teia Hill how to control a gun’s recoil by adjusting her stance and grip.
The sounds of gunfire ringing through her Southeast D.C. neighborhood had always kept Neta Vaught away from firearms. To her, guns symbolized the violence that the mother of three worked so hard to shield her family from — the violence that has Vaught regularly coming across dead bodies and kept her from giving her two teenagers the childhood she wanted.

But after witnessing the national temperature rise over the past few months, between the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing protests against police brutality, Vaught felt she needed to reconsider her self-defense options. She decided it was time to beat her fear of firearms, get training and purchase her first gun.

"As a single mom, I don't feel as protected anymore, and I want to be able to protect my children," Vaught said.

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Irreconcilable politics: Texas woman vows to leave Trump-supporting husband if he doesn't vote Biden

BevanneTX tweet
© Twitter / @BevanneTX
A Texas woman said she's so fed up with her husband's support for President Donald Trump that she will leave him if he doesn't vote for Democrat challenger Joe Biden - a reflection of political polarization in the MAGA era.

"I'm married to a Trump supporter," the woman, identified as Beverly M, said on Saturday on Twitter. "I'm serious that if he doesn't come around and vote for Biden-Harris, I will not stay around."

The woman identifies herself as a Black Lives Matter supporter on Twitter and said she moved to Texas from the Midwest in the 1980s. She said she married her husband before Trump was elected, and she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. "It's been a rough four years, to say the least," she added.

Beverly M said that with so much at stake in the 2020 election, she considers Trump supporters to be selfish. "That's why I am angry at my husband," she said. "When I'm begging him to do this for our children... and for our future grandchildren and that doesn't matter to him, that's eye-opening."

Comment: Vote Biden!? He might be better off a free man.

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UK's coronavirus snitch hotline swamped with so many reports senior police staff forced to answer calls

hyder park london

Police are struggling to cope with a flood of complaints over people potentially flouting lockdown rules - but some calls have just been neighbours with a pre-existing grudge
Snitches are swamping the police non-emergency number with complaints about people flouting the rule of six - forcing senior officers to man the phones with more staff.

Senior ministers, including Home Secretary Priti Patel, have urged Brits to dob in their neighbours if they catch them flouting lockdown rules.

Speaking to Sky News last week, Ms Patel said: 'I'm rarely at home but if I saw something that I thought was inappropriate then, quite frankly, I would call the police,' she told Sky News.

She added: 'It's not dobbing in neighbours, it's all about us taking personal responsibility.'

A week after making the claims, police forces say their local 101 lines have been inundated with calls.

Comment: It's likely that some callers are natural authoritarian snitches just waiting for the opportunity to wield a crumb of power, whilst others may be taking out their suffering, caused by what has essentially been over 8 months of lockdown conditions on their neighbours, perhaps thinking that 'the faster the coronavirus is dealt with, the faster we can get back to normal'; sadly, this warped thinking plays right into the Pathocrats hands: Meanwhile in Sweden (that didn't lockdown, and China (that did), life is getting back to normal...


Why Amy Coney Barrett is hands-down best pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Picture a female jurist who has consistently defied social expectations imposed on women and whose legal thinking is closely bound up with her faith. No, I'm not talking about Amy Coney Barrett, reported to top President Trump's list of candidates to fill the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat. I'm talking about Ginsburg herself.

Ginsburg believed fervently that conventional expectations shouldn't hinder women as they seek their full, fair share of public life. Nor was she shy about how her Jewish faith shaped her judicial mind. In an essay for the American Jewish Committee published in 1993, she wrote: "Laws as protectors of the oppressed, the poor, the loner, is evident in the work of my Jewish predecessors. . . . The biblical command 'Justice, justice shalt thou pursue' is a strand that ties them together."

By those criteria, Barrett would make a most worthy successor to RBG. In nominating the 48-year-old Louisianan, the president would present the nation with an inspiring vision of what it means to be an American woman in 2020 — one that could by turns surprise and captivate the suburban women Trump is keen to court while also delivering for the GOP base.

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Facebook says it is ready for violent unrest in the US election, and has plans to restrict the spread of inflammatory posts

Nick Clegg
© REUTERS/Hannah McKay/File Photo
Facebook's Nick Clegg.
Facebook said Tuesday that it has a plan in case there is violent unrest in the wake of the US election, and that it would restrict content on its platform in such a scenario.

Nick Clegg, Facebook's head of global affairs, told The Financial Times in an interview that the company has plans in place in case of widespread chaos.

Clegg did not elaborate on exactly what measures Facebook is considering.

Comment: Why even pretend that Facebook doesn't have a political agenda? At every turn, they prove themselves to be, not an unbiased, non-partisan and neutral platform as they claim, but the exact opposite. Their response to post-election mayhem, therefore, will simply be more of the same social engineering we've all come to know and love.

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Major explosion rocks southern Lebanon, reportedly hits 'Hezbollah house'

lebanon explosion
© Twitter / @philabouzeid
A powerful explosion has occurred in the southern Lebanese village of Qana. Footage from the scene shows a large plume of smoke and dust emerging from the site of the blast, which reportedly hit a Hezbollah-owned property.

The explosion rocked the village on Tuesday, multiple videos emerging online show.

According to preliminary reports, the explosion occurred near the village's gas station and cemetery.

The blast apparently occurred at a house owned by Hezbollah, local media reported. The group has set up a security cordon around the explosion site.

Comment: There have been numerous strange fires in Lebanon following the cataclysmic explosion a few weeks ago, and, whilst this could be expected due to the untold damage suffered to infrastructure in the area , just as with the initial explosion, one is understandably suspicious as to their true cause. The explosion mentioned in the article above raises suspicions even further because it does not appear to be within the area affected by the blast:


Seattle hires ex-pimp to be 'Street Czar'

Andre Taylor Jenny A. Durkan

Andre Taylor/Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan
The city of Seattle has hired an ex-pimp at a $150,000 a year salary as the new "Street Czar," Andre Taylor. Before Taylor was contracted by the city to provide "expertise and support services in de-escalation, community engagement, and alternatives to policing," he was engaged in prostitution.

Comment: More from the Daily Mail:
Seattle pays convicted pimp $150,000 to be its 'Street Czar' and come up with 'alternatives to policing' as he boasts he can talk to 'gangsters and prostitutes who won't sit down with anybody else'


He told the news outlet he is the man for the job because 'not too many people can go talk to gangbangers in their territory, and then go talk to the government in their territory.'

Taylor said he has 'particular genius in a particular area' and can talk to 'gang members, pimps and prostitutes' who 'won't sit down with anybody else,' reported KOMO News.


Mayor Jenny Durkan's office did not immediately return DailyMail.com's request for comment but told the Seattle Times the partnership would 'help de-escalate the ongoing situation' by allowing the city to tap into Taylor's 'lived experience with the criminal legal system'.

'The City's Department of Neighborhoods entered into a contract with Not This Time so that the organization could help de-escalate the ongoing situation in and around Cal Anderson Park,' spokesperson Kelsey Nyland said in the statement.

'The City sought a contract with Not This Time because of our existing working partnership... but also because of the organization's lived experience with the criminal legal system, and their history of successful advocacy and activism on issues of policing and dismantling systemic racism.'

The mayor's office said the city has also entered into similar contracts with other community groups.

Not This Time is also developing a program to support the mental health of black people leaving prison as they reintegrate into the community.

The nonprofit also worked with the city in 2019 on a $100,000 contract to host a speaker series called 'Conversation with the Streets'.

The latest partnership comes after Taylor spoke out publicly this year against the controversial CHOP zone, which started as a peaceful occupation of a police precinct before turning into the site of two deadly shootings.


In 2000, Taylor, whose own father was a pimp and his mother a prostitute, was convicted of seven prostitution-related counts and sentenced to five and a half years in prison.

The Las Vegas pimp was proven guilty of traveling across several state lines with an underage prostitute, who was 16 at the time.

Taylor allegedly lived in a $300,000 house and wore $4,000 Versace suits and a $90,000 Rolex while pimping out the girl and other adult women.

His escapades as 'Gorgeous Dre' were featured in the documentary 'American Pimp'.

The level of idiocy necessary to think that this is a good idea is unfathomable.