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Sun, 24 Mar 2019
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Trump slams 'radical left' social media companies, vows to investigate Facebook - UPDATE

© AP Photo/ Evan Vucci
President Trump on Tuesday said that he would be "looking into" a report that his social media chief, Dan Scavino Jr. has been censored by Facebook.

Scavino - who manages several of the president's and White House's social media accounts, reported being blocked from responding to someone's question over the social media platform - asked Facebook "WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me - on my own Facebook Page!!??"


UPDATE 21/3/19: Facebook apologizes and restores Scavino's account:
Facebook has issued an apology to White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino after temporarily blocking his ability to post for several hours on Monday because he ran afoul of its bot detectors.

In an official statement, the social media giant claimed that its algorithm had mistaken Scavino for a robot account after he publicly complained that he was unfairly targeted.

"In order to stop automated bots, we cap the amount of identical, repetitive activity coming from one account in a short period of time, such as @mentioning people," the tech giant said, adding that these caps can produce unintended collateral damage.

"We've been in touch with him and have apologized for the inconvenience."

Scavino's blocking also caught the attention of US President Donald Trump who said he would look into accusations of anti-conservative bias on social media platforms.

"There's discrimination, there's big discrimination," Trump said during a joint press conference with visiting Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. "Something's happening with those groups of folks that are running Facebook, and Google, and Twitter, and I do think we have to get to the bottom of it."

Facebook has strenuously denied accusations of liberal bias that have been repeatedly directed at the social media behemoth. The accusations have come from within the company too. Last year, an employee called the company a liberal "monoculture that's intolerant of different views."


Twitter admits shadowban on Federalist co-founder's Lisa Page tweet with lame excuse: "To keep people safe"

sean Davis the Federalist editor
© NewsMax
Sean Davis
Twitter has admitted to shadowbanning a tweet by The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis in order to "keep people safe."

Tweeting a passage last week from former FBI attorney Lisa Page's Congressional testimony discussing the FBI's rush to find connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, Davis pointed out the irony of Hillary Clinton's campaign employing former UK spy Christopher Steele, a foreign national, "working with Russians to obtain damaging information about Donald Trump."



Christchurch Terror Attack: Mass Censorship, Mystery Shooters, And The Globetrotting Lone Gunman

christchurch terror attack
Censorship has been put into effect like never before in the aftermath of the multi-site terror attacks in Christchurch last Friday. There's no other word for what governments and Internet corporations have instituted. New Zealand and Australian Internet Service Providers have been blocking access to video-hosting sites, forums and other websites that mirrored, in part or whole, the 17-minute long video footage 'lone gunman' Brenton Tarrant recorded from a GoPro camera attached to his head-gear, along with footage of the aftermath of the shooting at the Linwood mosque, and copies of Tarrant's 'manifesto'. Media outlets and social media platforms globally have followed suit. The Internet has effectively been 'bleached' of this evidence (though it's not entirely gone, if you're prepared to look hard enough for it).

Tarrant's video in particular has been "classified by the Chief Censor's Office as objectionable," under a 1993 New Zealand law, meaning Kiwis face prison time and a $10,000 fine for 'downloading a copy of it' or 'distributing' it. The government has been leaning heavily on ISPs to block websites until they have removed it while, globally, several million iterations (including just links to it) have been removed by all media outlets and all social media platforms - and not just by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter; it's also gone from BitChute and similar lesser-known video-hosting platforms. New Zealand Police have also been demanding personal data on users who even discuss Tarrant's 'manifesto' or video.

Though ostensibly done out of consideration for the victims of the attacks and their families, to 'protect children and the vulnerable from seeing these images', and to not 'give the attacker the attention he wants', no such 'clean sweeps' have previously been conducted following the many gruesome mass shootings and bombings in terror attacks around the world, particularly those in non-Western countries. All these years 'ISIS' and affiliated terrorists have enjoyed full use of Western social media platforms to share footage of their crimes - footage which is then typically shown by corporate media outlets, complete with running commentary (just search 'Charlie Hebdo massacre' or 'ISIS beheadings' on YouTube) - but now suddenly it's imperative that all "objectionable materials" relating to this event be excised from global consciousness. Why would that be the case?

Comment: See also: 'Clash of Civilizations' Arrives in New Zealand: 49 Massacred by Multiple Gunmen During Multi-Site Terror Attack in Christchurch


Italy cracks down on crime: Masonic lodge busted by police in Sicily, Camorra Mafia "superboss" arrested

© CC BY-SA 2.0 / Spencer Means / Masonic symbols
Numerous local politicians, officials and even police officers turned out to be connected to the lodge's illegal activities, which included corruption, bribery, drug trafficking, embezzlement, and interfering with the work of the judicial system.

Police from the commune of Trapani, Sicily have arrested 27 people during a raid on a local "masonic lodge" involved in illegal activities, the newspaper Giornale di Sicilia reported. Among those arrested in the course of the operation named "Artemisia" were former and present politicians, officials, including a former federal lawmaker and a former mayor of Castelvetrano commune, and even police officers.

They now face charges of committing crimes against the local administration, justice system, and for organising a crime syndicate. The lodge reportedly had great influence over the local government and influenced the distribution of its budget. Its members also allegedly managed to obtain secret information about ongoing investigations and influence them by tampering with evidence.

Comment: The Local.it reports that earlier this month they arrested a Camorra Mafia "superboss" who's been on the run for the last 14 years:
Di Lauro, 38, was arrested without a fight at a modest apartment where he lived with his wife in the Chiaiano district in southern city Naples, police said.

He was sitting with his two cats and eating pasta when police arrested him in an operation involving around 150 officers.

Police allowed Di Lauro to change his clothes and freshen up before taking him away, local media reported. He voiced concern for the fate of his cats.

Naples police chief Antonio De Iesu told a press conference that "unusual activity" had led police to the suspect, previously convicted of criminal association.

Police found no weapons and a small sum of money in the flat.
Italian police
Italian police on Saturday arrested top mafia fugitive Marco Di Lauro, the fourth son of ex-Camorra boss Paolo Di Lauro, after over 14 years on the run.
An international arrest warrant was issued for Di Lauro in 2006, and he was one of Italy's four most-wanted criminals, according to the interior ministry website.

Italian media said he was considered the second most dangerous man in Italy, after Sicilian Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro.

Photos in Italian media showed Di Lauro wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt being brought to the police station in Naples by car, with a police helicopter overhead.

Around 100 people including police gathered outside shouting "well done, well done", according to television images.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tweeted his thanks to the police for the arrest of the "super fugitive".

Far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini voiced congratulations for a "very important operation".

The high-profile arrest was reportedly linked to the murder earlier in the day of the wife of a man linked to Di Lauro, Salvatore Tamburrino.

Tamburrino, 40, handed himself in for shooting dead Norina Mattuozzo, 33, shortly before De Lauro's arrest.

She was found dead at her parents' home in Naples where she had gone to live after her relationship with Tamburrino deteriorated, local media reported.

Police chief De Iesu refused to confirm or deny a link between the murder and Di Lauro's arrest.

Di Lauro had been on the run since he escaped a massive police swoop in 2004 known as the "night of the handcuffs".

An informant said in 2010 that Di Lauro was responsible for at least four murders.

Marco's father Paolo Di Lauro was head of the Camorra clan that operates in Naples' impoverished Scampia and Secondigliano neighbourhoods.

He has been in prison since 2005, and Marco had reportedly taken over running the much-weakened clan.

At least 130 people were killed in a bloody power struggle there after the Amato-Pagano clan split from the Di Lauro clan in 2004.

Marco Di Lauro, reportedly known within the family by the code F4 for "fourth son", had nine brothers and one sister.

All the brothers are now either in prison or dead, Italian newspapers reported.
It appears that, unlike most Western governments, Italy is keeping its word and really is doing all it can to crack down on the notorious crime networks that operate in its country from the gypsy Mafia clans to Italy's Central Bank. This is the kinda of action citizens throughout Europe are crying out for: Also check out SOTT radio's:


Spare no expense! Trump mocked over 'homemade' jersey gift for Bolsonaro

Trump Bolsonaro
© Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump. March 19, 2019
US President Donald Trump was ridiculed on social media after he gave Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro what appeared to be a "homemade" football jersey with Bolsonaro's name crudely glued onto it.

On Tuesday, Bolsonaro arrived at the White House to meet POTUS with whom he often traded compliments on Twitter and the leaders decided to seal their friendship by exchanging football jerseys... but one of them seemed unprepared for the occasion.

First it was Bolsonaro's turn to hand out gifts. He presented the US president with a trademark-yellow Brazilian jersey, complete with the name 'Trump' and figure '10' emblazoned on it, the same number used by legendary striker Pele.

Trump's gift on the other hand was visibly tacky, looking more like a last-ditch effort rather than something you would give to a special friend. Instead of buying an official, customised item of clothing as a gift, someone apparently just took separate pieces of material with 'Bolsonaro' and the number '19' written on them and stuck them to a standard jersey.


Comment: Much like US foreign policy, what they give back is rarely, if ever, fair and is of inferior quality. Rather symbolic of how much contempt they have for the world, much less their 'friends'.

Snakes in Suits

Trump blasts Dem efforts to pack Supreme Court

© Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
President Donald Trump introduces U.S. Circuit Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh as his nominee to the United States Supreme Court during an event in the East Room of the White House in Washington, on July 9, 2018.
President Donald Trump blasted the increasingly popular idea among Democratic presidential candidates of adding seats to the Supreme Court, during a Tuesday afternoon press conference in the Rose Garden.

"I wouldn't entertain that," Trump noted. "The only reason they are doing that, they want to catch up. So if they can't catch up through the ballot box winning an election, they want to try a different way. No interest in it whatsoever," he said, adding, "It won't happen, I guarantee you, for six years."


Mystery parties seek secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein-related suit

jeffery epstein
The two said they could face embarrassment if the court makes public records from the suit, which accused a longtime Epstein friend of engaging in sex trafficking.

Two mystery litigants citing privacy concerns are making a last-ditch bid to keep secret some details in a lawsuit stemming from wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein's history of paying underage girls for sex.

Just prior to a court-imposed deadline Tuesday, two anonymous individuals surfaced to object to the unsealing of a key lower-court ruling in the case, as well as various submissions by the parties.


Mr. Potato

May granted Brexit delay if MP's vote on a deal, refuses to comment on quitting office

theresa may poster
© Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters
‘This latest example is the Russian doll of reversals, with several other reversals contained within it.’
Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that she has written to the EU to request a short extension to Article 50, insisting that she is not prepared to "delay Brexit any further than June 30."

Addressing a raucous group of British lawmakers in the House of Commons during PMQs, May confirmed that she had written to European Commission President Donald Tusk on Wednesday morning to request the short delay.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn slammed May's Brexit announcement, claiming that "We're now in the midst of a full-scale national crisis."

Corbyn accused the PM of "incompetence" and "failure" over Brexit, insisting that the prime minister "has no plan" before asking May whether she will meet him to sort out the Brexit mess - to which May could give no direct answer.

Comment: RT reports further on the Brexit 'delay':
Brexit delayed? Theresa May to request 'short' extension in letter to EU

It has been nearly three years since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and two years since May herself set the March 29 deadline to formally exit the bloc. Now, she is expected to write a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk to formally request a delay, a move that will surely cause disquiet among Brexiteers.

Since the withdrawal deal was agreed between May and the EU back in November, the deal has twice been rejected by parliament, leaving the prime minister humiliated and, seemingly, on the brink of being ousted as leader.

May has alluded to a delay extending beyond June 30 if parliament does not ratify her deal. This would require the UK to participate in June's European Parliament elections, which could further delay proceedings, increasing the likelihood of yet another round of re-negotiations or possibly even a second referendum.

"There will be no renegotiations, no new negotiations, no additional guarantees in addition to those already given," European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker said. "We have intensively moved towards Britain, there can be no more."
France's Macron, who, like May, is quite unpopular at home, doesn't intend on making things any easier:
May could face humiliating disappointment as Macron strongly opposes Brexit delay

French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to oppose the Brexit delay requested by the British PM, Le Point reports. This would block the extension, making a no-deal more likely and result in total failure for Theresa May.

Macron is expected to say no to Theresa May's plea to postpone the Brexit date, the media writes ahead of the meeting at the European Council.

A Elysee official refuted the report by Le Point magazine later on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

The request for a Brexit extension must be unanimously backed by all other 27 EU members, which means that a strong opposition from a single country is enough to throw the delay under the bus. Sources within the administration of the French president have repeatedly signaled that Macron would not back it solely to save Britain from a chaotic no-deal Brexit situation.

While May has already asked for an extension, British Parliament has not approved the Brexit plan yet, and it remains unclear whether it will actually do so. Last week, British MPs rejected the ill-fated agreement for the second time - just 17 days before the deadline of March 29. At the same time, they have opposed the 'no-deal' scenario as well, sending quite mixed signals to the EU.

While Macron is apparently taking a strong stance on the UK, he faces a still-growing crisis in France. The ongoing Yellow Vest protests are the major issue which the Macron administration has been unable to tackle for several months. The demonstrations were initially sparked by a fuel tax hike, yet promptly overgrew that scope, targeting low wages, income inequality and Macron's perceived protection of the wealthy establishment.
And is it possible PM May may bail before Brexit gets even more farcical? (if that was even possible) If so, she'd be following in the footsteps of her predecessor, former PM and Conservative leader, David Cameron, who is responsible for offering the UK a vote on Brexit in the first place - knowing it would get him into power but having no honest intention of ever attempting to follow through with it himself.
No Brexit deal by June 30, no May? Downing Street refuses to rule out UK PM quitting

Downing Street officials have declined to rule out Theresa May resigning as PM in the event of her deal not being ratified by the EU by June 30 and a longer Brexit delay being implemented.


Asked to clarify the PM's position on the length of a delay to Brexit, a spokesman for May refused on four separate occasions to deny that she intended to quit if the deal had not been given the green light by then.

May's spokesman told reporters: "She doesn't believe a long extension is the right thing to do." On whether it would be right to infer the PM could resign within weeks, her spokesman claimed: "What you should infer is her determination to get this over the line."

The PM will meet with leaders of the UK opposition parties on Wednesday evening to discuss extending Article 50.

It comes as French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian warned May's government that they will only agree to granting an extension to Article 50 on the condition she can give guarantees that her Brexit deal will be passed by UK MPs, Reuters reports.

"If May cannot offer guarantees her Brexit deal will be passed in British parliament, the European Council will turn down her extension request."

Donald Tusk, the president of the EU Council, released a statement on Wednesday afternoon, claiming that a short extension was "possible," but conditional on UK MPs voting in favor of the deal next week in parliament.

Earlier, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the EU Commission, reaffirmed Brussels' position on a possible extension to Article 50. He insisted that a deal needed to be signed off between the UK and EU before European Parliament elections on May 23.

May is scheduled to travel to Brussels for an EU summit on Thursday in a bid to secure vital changes to her agreement which can command the support of a majority of MPs and avoid the UK exiting the EU on March 29 without a deal.
See also: And check out SOTT radio's:

2 + 2 = 4

Putin to Washington: 'We now have the Hypersonic Zircon missile - do the math!'

Russia's nuclear targets US
Even if most of the Western political class and media are playing dumb (or are dumb - take your pick), Putin is making it loud and clear for the increasingly belligerent neocons and NATO heads that if they cross the line with Russia - there will be hell to pay in the form of the new highly advanced Hypersonic Zircon missile technology.

As Andre Vltchek recently wrote:
One can compromise, one can be diplomatic, but never if one's dignity and freedom was at risk. One can never negotiate indefinitely with those who are starving and enslaving billions of human beings, all over the world.

Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan and so many countries are now bleeding. Soon, Iran could be confronted. And Nicaragua. And perhaps China and Russia themselves could face yet another Western invasion.

A 'harmonious world' may have to be built later; definitely one day, but a little bit later.

First, we have to make sure that our humanity survives and that Western fascism cannot consume further millions of innocent human lives.

Like me and my big childhood friend Karel at an elementary school in former Czechoslovakia, Russia and China may have to once again stand up and confront 'unharmonious barbarity'; they may have to fight, in order to prevent an even greater disaster.

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Trust is eroding in Democrat's 'witch hunt' against Donald Trump

Adam Schiff

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is hiring former White House staff to investigate President Trump.
There should be no doubt the American people are not fooled by the nearly three years of the politically charged 'witch hunt' against President Donald Trump.

In growing numbers a greater majority of people, who are exhausted of being the pawns of Trump's enemies, both Democrats and yes, some Republicans, want it to stop. Those enemies have worked diligently for two years to turn the nation against a sitting president and have him impeached.

It's now backfiring. Why? It's simple: truth.