Secretary General tells Ukrainian Prime Minister ''NATO stands with you''. 15 Dec. 2014
Bends over backwards to praise Yatseniuk in most obsequious manner. Really extraordinary.

Its amazing that a military alliance needs its own TV channel.

We suppose it helps in their basic mission of justifying their own existence to an increasingly skeptical public.

The last laugh is on them (the public), because not only do they pay for the outrageously expensive and unnecessary alliance, they also get to pay for the TV channel to justify the expense.

Here at RI we love the NATO channel, because it provides great material, - they actually excel in making themselves look ridiculous.

In this priceless episode from 15th December, NATO Chief Stoltenberg shows that far from being an obedient and prudent servant of the countries paying his salary, he is a zealous political advocate, making extremely dubious claims in an effort, we surmise, to give NATO something to do, and also, it seems, expressing his personal aggressive neo-con views.

The best part is the first 3 minutes, where he praises Yatseniuk for his commitment to democracy, says Russia's behavior is illegal and destabilizing, says Kiev has sought to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, says he is proud of NATO's commitment to the admirable Kiev government, says the Kiev government reflects the will of the people of Ukraine, and basically says NATO is 110% with Kiev and will do whatever it can to support them.

Almost every word he speaks is complete nonsense, and more importantly, does not reflect the political will of the countries his alliance represents.

The way Stoltenberg buries his nose in Yateniuk's posterior is truly astounding, and an affront to the sovereignty of EU NATO member countries.

In the US, it is frowned upon when generals become political agitators. They are supposed to stay out of politics and simply follow orders of their elected civilian superiors. Things have a way of going seriously wrong otherwise.

Ok, we know, Stoltenberg is a civilian, but he runs a military alliance and he is a member of no elected government. He should stick to his job and get out of the political grand-standing business.

When are the Europeans going to rein-in their war-happy cowboys?