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Thu, 02 Dec 2021
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Outcry forces EU to ditch plan for 'inclusive' language

European Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli
© AFP / Frederick Florin
European Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli delivers a speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. October 20, 2021.
The European Commission has walked back an attempt to mandate the use of "inclusive" language after lawmakers claimed the new rules were an effort to "cancel" Christian references and lacked "common sense."

An internal guidebook for inclusive communication called on EU officials to "update their language" and avoid phrasing that was considered not reflective of the "diversity of European culture." The new guide encouraged the use of gender-neutral language and non-Christian names, among other things.

In a statement on Tuesday, EU Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli noted that the guidebook was not a "mature document" and acknowledged that it "does not meet all Commission quality standards." She tweeted that the document was a "work in progress" and said an "updated version of the guidelines" would address the concerns that had been raised regarding examples of discouraged language.


Pentagon responds to Oklahoma National Guard's vaccine exemption request

© Yuri Gripas/Reuters
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has rejected a bid from the Oklahoma National Guard that would give its members the freedom to not get vaccinated against Covid-19, with the Pentagon ruling vaccination to be mandatory.

In a letter on Monday, Austin formally rejected Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt's request that the state's National Guard be exempt from the Pentagon's Covid-19 military vaccine mandate.

Austin also threatened action against unvaccinated members of Oklahoma's National Guard, warning that refusal to get vaccinated "may lead to a prohibition on the member's participation in drills and training" and could "jeopardize the member's status in the National Guard."

Though Governor Stitt expressed concern that the vaccine mandate could result in an understaffed National Guard, which would be less able to respond to state security threats and weather emergencies, Austin argued that such concerns did "not negate the need for this important military readiness requirement."

The governor had requested an exemption in a letter earlier this month, claiming that the "irresponsible" vaccine mandate "violates the personal freedoms of many Oklahomans, as it asks them to potentially sacrifice their personal beliefs in order to not lose their jobs."

Comment: Austin is muscle-flexing. Enlistment is voluntary. The National Guard is not part of the Pentagon hierarchy but can assist the military in an emergency. In that case it is dubious not having the vaccine would matter.

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Ice Age Farmer Report: Central banks launch digital currencies - Perfect technocratic control


Every central bank in the world is rushing to launch a digital currency...but why? And who is pulling the strings behind the scenes? As it turns out, we don't need a 'social credit score' when money itself is used to control our behavior. Christian breaks down the reality behind this global, synchronous push for digital currencies and the elimination of cash in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.



A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas's Masterpiece on the Covid Disaster

Donald Trump
I'm a voracious reader of Covid books but nothing could have prepared me for Scott Atlas's A Plague Upon Our House, a full and mind-blowing account of the famed scientist's personal experience with the Covid era and a luridly detailed account of his time at the White House. The book is hot fire, from page one to the last, and will permanently affect your view of not only this pandemic and the policy response but also the workings of public health in general.

Atlas's book has exposed a scandal for the ages. It is enormously valuable because it fully blows up what seems to be an emerging fake story involving a supposedly Covid-denying president who did nothing vs. heroic scientists in the White House who urged compulsory mitigating measures consistent with prevailing scientific opinion. Not one word of that is true. Atlas's book, I hope, makes it impossible to tell such tall tales without embarrassment.

Anyone who tells you this fictional story (including Deborah Birx) deserves to have this highly credible treatise tossed in his direction. The book is about the war between real science (and genuine public health), with Atlas as the voice for reason both before and during his time in the White House, vs. the enactment of brutal policies that never stood any chance of controlling the virus while causing tremendous damage to the people, to human liberty, to children in particular, but also to billions of people around the world.

For the reader, the author is our proxy, a reasonable and blunt man trapped in a world of lies, duplicity, backstabbing, opportunism, and fake science. He did his best but could not prevail against a powerful machine that cares nothing for facts, much less outcomes.

Comment: Between this new book by Scott Atlas, Robert F. Kennedy's new book on Fauci - and the hard work of many hundreds of doctors, scientists, researchers and whistleblowers - the word is slowly but surely trickling out to the world of 'normies'; a Monumental crime has been, and continues to be - perpetrated against humanity. And woe to those who've helped usher in the profound damage that has deeply affected all of us.

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Michael Flynn DISAVOWS Qanon, says its 'disinformation campaign created by CIA or the Left'

Michael Flynn

Flynn, pictured, attempts to disown QAnon, claiming it's a 'disinformation campaign' created by the CIA.
Former White House national security adviser and ardent supporter of QAnon, Michael Flynn, allegedly suggested the far-right political conspiracy theory movement is in fact a disinformation campaign orchestrated by the CIA.

Flynn publicly pledged allegiance to the right-wing conspiracy group last summer, which first originated on internet message boards.

Comment: Did he, though? Flynn was on video with his family saying the Pledge of Allegiance and some clever editing by CNN made it look like he was pledging allegiance to Q.

See: Michael Flynn's relatives sue CNN for $75 million over report alleging QAnon affiliation
At the end of oath, Michael Flynn uttered the phrase "Where we go one, we go all," and the entire family responded, "God Bless America." CNN edited out the pledge and the "God Bless America" exclamation and claimed the phrase uttered by President Trump's national security adviser was an "infamous QAnon slogan," the suit alleged.

In fact, Michael Flynn's phrase was drawn from an inscription first "engraved on a bell on one of President John F. Kennedy's sailboats, acknowledging the unity of mankind," the suit stated.

"General Flynn intended to encourage people to think about being good citizens, to love country and be good patriots," the lawsuit said. "The video had nothing to do with QAnon or recruiting 'digital soldiers' for an apocalyptic reckoning."

But in a telephone call that has not yet been independently verified, Flynn, a former adviser to Trump appeared to completely disavow the group as he spoke with pro-Trump election conspiracy theorist and attorney Lin Wood. The man Wood says is Flynn was even heard dismissing QAnon's claims as 'total nonsense.'

Comment: More from The Guardian:
The recording released by Wood comes amid acrimony among leading pro-Trump figures who have worked to overturn the 2020 election. According to the Daily Beast, the feud appears to have sprung from Wood's brief representation of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old recently acquitted after killing two people and wounding one at a protest in Wisconsin last year.

According to the Beast, Rittenhouse alleged that Wood intentionally let him languish in jail so he could earn money off the case. Wood reportedly became angry that Flynn and Sidney Powell, another pro-Trump attorney, didn't speak up for him.


The recording apparently featuring Flynn disowning QAnon raised echoes of remarks about a related conspiracy theory by Steve Bannon, Trump's former campaign chair and White House strategist.

Bannon was pardoned on fraud charges by Trump but now faces a charge of contempt of Congress over the 6 January Capitol attack, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

He has repeatedly promoted the "deep state" conspiracy theory, which holds that a permanent government of bureaucrats and intelligence agents exists to thwart Trump's agenda.

However, Bannon has also said the "deep state conspiracy theory is for nut cases".
Depends on what one means by 'the deep state'. This 3-decade congressional staff member, speaking to Bill Moyers in 2014, certainly thought that a version of it was real:


South Korea rejects claim it's helping Taiwan with 'indigenous defence submarine programme'

© REUTERS / Tyrone Siu
China maintains the Taiwan question isn't open to negotiation and that it is still a central objective to reunify the renegade province with the mainland. Chinese President Xi Jinping told his US counterpart Joe Biden during a virtual summit this month that forces advocating Taiwan's independence were "playing with fire".

The South Korean presidential palace on Tuesday rejected claims that the government was in any way assisting Taiwan with the self-governed island's "Indigenous Defence Submarine Programme", codenamed Hai Chang (Chinese for 'Sea Prosperity').

An official from the South Korean Presidential Palace described the claim as "untrue", adding that Seoul would investigate any "illegal transfer" of technology or expertise that may have taken place.Reuters reported on Monday, 29 November that at least seven countries - the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, South Korea and Canada - are helping Taiwan to build eight new submarines in a bid to increase its deterrence against China.

Comment: See also:


Maple dictatorship: Canada prohibits unvaccinated travelers on planes and trains

Pearson International Airport Toronto Canada
© Getty
Pearson International Airport
Canada has prohibited unvaccinated travelers from boarding airplanes or trains amid rising concerns of the new coronavirus strain, the omicron variant.

Passengers ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated as of Nov. 30 to board "domestic or international flights" or trains. Travelers will need to be prepared to show proof of vaccination status.

"Starting November 30 at 3:01 am EST, vaccination will be required for travel within and to depart Canada," the travel restrictions on the Canadian travel website read. "A valid COVID-19 molecular test will no longer be accepted as an alternative to vaccination unless you're eligible for one of the limited exemptions."

Comment: Medical fascism is now a thing.

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Ice Age Farmer Report: No vax, no food/fuel in India - Food withheld to force vaccinations

ice age
"Police won't enforce the mandates!" ... but they won't need to, as groceries and fuel are being withheld from those who fail to get their shots in Aurangabad, India. As Henry Kissinger warned, "Control food, and you control people." Christian breaks down this development and the plan to incrementally restrict access to food and basic services everywhere. Protests aren't helping; instead, build gardens, new healthcare, energy, and communications systems, and GET OFF the toxic systems of control.



Putin's plans for Ukraine

Ukraine military
© AFP/Getty Images
Ukrainian servicemen close to border near Lysychansk.
There is much talk, and Russian President Vadimir Putin has sparked some of it and engaged it cryptically, that Putin wants to 'reunite' Belarus and Ukraine with Russia. But what does unification mean? Eugene Rumer and Andrew Weiss of the Carnegie Endowment recently argued that Putin seeks the return of Ukraine to the Russian "fold," claiming most erroneously and deceptively that Putin's July article on Russian and Ukrainian history was about "denying Ukraine's right to exist as an independent country". A writer from the NATO-tied Atlantic Council concludes "that Putin will strike Ukraine again, and soon". In reality, there is virtually no scenario in which Putin would seek to incorporate into Russia by force all Ukraine or even all of eastern Ukraine up to the Dnepr River or even so-called 'Novorossiya' or southeastern Ukraine.

Bershidsky, in making a point I made months ago - that Putin does not want to do anything to give the West the motivation or pretext to halt Nord Stream 2 - writes that Putin would like to bring Ukraine "back into Russia's fold" and given his advancing age "may feel the urge to move before it's too late for him personally" asserts the Rumer-Weiss position of Ukraine's complete absorption into the Russian Federation.

Better Earth

Barbados scraps British monarchy as it becomes republic on independence day

Prince Charles/Mason
© Toby Melville/Getty Images
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales speaks as President of Barbados, Dame Sandra Mason looks on during the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Square.
Barbados' ties with the British monarchy going back centuries were severed when the nation's first president, Dame Sandra Mason, was sworn into office replacing the Queen as head of state during a televised open-air ceremony in the capital Bridgetown.

Dame Mason said that Barbadians need to work together for a brighter future and the nation must 'redefine itself' in this transition which she has named as 'a call to greatness'.

The Queen's standard was lowered for the last time and the presidential flag raised in its place at midnight local time, on November 30 - the 55th anniversary of independence from Britain.

The Queen sent the new republic her
"warmest good wishes for your happiness, peace and prosperity in the future" and praised the nation which has a "special place" in her heart for "its vibrant culture, its sporting prowess, and its natural beauty".
Mason and Rihanna
© Toby Melville/Getty Images
President of Barbados, Dame Sandra Mason and Rihanna, honored as a National Hero
Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
November 30, 2021 • Bridgetown, Barbados

Comment: More on the commemoration of Barbados' new status:
During her first presidential address amid the celebrations, head of state Sandra Mason said:
"Since Independence we have built an international reputation anchored on our characteristics, our national values, our stability and our success, drawing on the lessons of those intervening years, possessing a clear sense of who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

"In the year 2021, we now turn our vessel's bow towards the new republic. We do this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty."
During the ceremony, Prince Charles was honored with the Order of Freedom of Barbados award for extraordinary service to the country ― a decision that was not without controversy, given the royal family's ties to slavery in Barbados, which lasted for over two centuries.

The night of celebrations also included an award for singer Rihanna, who was named a national hero in her home country.

Verla De Peiza, a lawyer, former senator and current head of the Democratic Labour Party in Barbados ― thought Barbadians deserved more of a say in the process.
"We're starting at the back end of things with the republic. And it cannot be that we are going through a momentous occasion without consideration. And therefore, what should feel like a joyous occasion is actually very undiplomatic."
Graham Smith, head of the U.K.-based anti-monarchy group Republic, sees Barbados as a prime example for other countries that may be interested in cutting ties with the queen as head of state:
"Barbados isn't just doing themselves a favour, but are showing the way for the other fifteen Commonwealth realms. The transition in Barbados has also triggered calls for slavery reparations and an apology from the royals for their family's part in the slave trade. Those calls aren't going away and there's no way the royals come out of that debate without significant damage to their reputation."