© UnknownKansas AG Kris Kobach
During the week, we had a major development. The Kansas Attorney General (AG) Kris Kobach announced that five U.S. states (he mentioned Idaho as well as his own) are suing Pfizer Corporation for misleading statements made on the properties of Comirnaty, its Covid vaccine. The press conference clip is here, please watch the core, the first five minutes.

To summarise, Counsellor Kobach made the following points:

Kansas is suing the manufacturer for making "misleading and deceptive statements" and "violating previous consent judgements with the State of Kansas in which Pfizer promised never to use misleading statements in marketing its products."

Kobach stated that at the time of the introduction of the vaccines, decisions to be vaccinated and which one to go for were made "in a hurry and sometimes under duress". In such an environment, it is imperative that Kansas residents (and the whole world, for that matter) receive proper advice, the truth, not the spin. "In multiple respects, Pfizer did not provide the truth."

Kobach's evidence comes from material obtained through FOIA via a lawsuit. Mark this, as it is an important point we will pick up below.

The AG summarised the four main points by 4.21 in the clip.
  1. The vaccine was marketed as safe for pregnant women, but in early 2021, in the abandoned trial of pregnant women, more than half reported a serious adverse event and more than 10% a miscarriage. He goes on to cite the 77-page study 185350 (available from the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) repository), which shows that LNPs go everywhere in a rat's body with a high concentration in rats' ovaries (as we reported here), resulting in infertility in rats.
  2. Pfizer denied as late as early 2023 that Comirnaty caused all the cardio-itis we reported here and following posts. These are included, albeit in a higgledy-piggledy fashion, in the other posts of the series and are listed in package inserts.
  3. Pfizer claimed a protective effect against variants when, according to the AG in fact protection was below 50%.
  4. Pfizer urged Americans to get vaccinated to protect their loved ones as they claimed that their vaccine "stopped transmission".
Finally, the trifle of conspiring with social media platforms to silence critics of which we have extensive personal experience and have reported many times previously.

The Kansas AG complaint is here (with thanks to Eugenio Florean).

A few considerations.

First, none of what the Kansas Attorney General (AG) Kris Kobach said was unknown in December 2020 or was not easily foreseen.

No trials had been conducted in pregnant women, and pregnancy was an exclusion criterion for participating in the pivotal trial. Pfizer's own pharmacokinetics (PK) study indicated a high concentration of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) in rats' ovaries. All regulators were aware of this, as the thin PK studies were part of the regulatory submission.

Given this widespread scatter of the LNPs and given their property of evading immunity, each system in the human body was a potential target and, therefore, open to potential harm by a scantily tested technology (we are being generous here).

The protective effect of Comirnaty is untested today. The clinical study report of the pivotal trial does not provide evidence that it can affect viral load and create viral "dead ends", as Dr Fauci falsely stated.

Subsequent observational studies carried out by, for example, the CDC may show such an effect on mortality. However, this could be due to the inherent bias of observational studies and natural Farr-like decreases in the epidemic curve. With observational studies, you do not get certainty, only multiple alternative hypotheses.

Last but not least, regulators were quite clear that no interruption of transmission studies had been carried out. None.

The fact that some of the details came to light after a lawsuit shows the appalling state of affairs we find ourselves in: if we need to go to the judiciary for protection, why do we need regulators, public health and biomedical journals?

Regulators' collective silence while the CDC, other public health bodies and biomedical journals act as pharma agents reinforces the urgent need for complete reform of the system. Regulators and public health bodies are no longer protectors; increasingly, they are the enemies of patient safety.