Mouth of Hell
© Illustration in Le Chevalier errant, by Thomas III, Marquis of SaluzzoThe Mouth of Hell (BnF, Français 12559, p. 192, ca. 1403-1404).
Is this the last summer of relative peace?

The satanic cabal known as "politicians" that roost over the populations of the West have discovered the joys of war-talk, and they can't start World War Three fast enough. But why this sudden push? Even leaders of countries that are mere specks of dirt on the map (Estonia, for instance) squeak about "bringing Russia to its knees." Sure, Western politicians are lapdogs of Washington, but why this naïve war-talk? Is it just deep duncery (usual for the Western politician), or is something more sinister afoot?

We use the term "satanic" purposefully. We have long known that the Western powermongers are neo-Malthusians — that is, they all believe that the planet has too many people and we need to do something to bring the population down. The less people living on the planet is better. This is the guiding principle behind every aspect of modern life, so that every political, social, and even cultural decision is guided by this principle. Culling humanity is the grand, moral goal — the postmodern utopia, where we only have as many people as we need. The "we," by the way, are the powermongers. What's the point of having millions of useless eaters, they reason? Culling the herd is good management of nature (the planet): Woke husbandry pushed to its ultimate limit. Such overarching evil can only be satanic.

And then along comes this war in Ukraine. Here is a country that is not part of the EU, nor a member of NATO, but all the Western politicians latched on to it, because it was "existential" somehow for each of them. For places like Canada, the UK, New Zealand to be truly safe, Ukraine must win. If it loses, well, it's slavery and the dull road to the Gulag, for the whole world. It's absurd really that we are ruled by such morons who spew endless lies which are sadly believed, and therefore the general populace keeps electing them dutifully (but let's not digress).

The entire war in Ukraine, for the West, was a round-robin of wonder weapons that were going to "bring Russia to its knees" — so many that it's now hard to keep track... there were HIMARS, Leopards, Abrams, Patriots, Bradleys, and let's not forget the much-bruited 61 billion that was going to be the bee's knees of military might which was going to undo Russia lickety-split; and of course the much-awaited F-16s. To be charitable, let's not forget the various armchair journo-strategists who have been meaningfully employed for the past two years; anyone that can put two (or less) words together has advice to offer on to conduct the war. It's tiresome to even parse the endless strategies spun out. Are these people being paid by the word, one might begin to wonder? (By the way, you can easily spot these experts — they love to use the term, "geopolitics").

The current buzz, the new wonder weapon is the great theater of "allowing" Ukraine to use NATO supplied weapons to strike deep inside Russia. The propagandists tell us that thus far poor Ukraine has been fighting with one hand tied behind its back. If it had both hands free, Russia would be... well, on its knees. How stupid do these politicians think we really are? Or, perhaps the question is better another way — how stupid do we think these politicians really are? When did Ukraine ever set up a network of satellites in space that guide and program each and every missile and drone launched every day against Russia? When did Ukraine train such expert cryptographers who can handle the guidance systems and then identify Russian targets to be struck — last we heard, said Ukrainians were hard put trying to learn enough English to somehow get an F16 up into air and keep it there — thus far that has been mission impossible.

The short answer to all these questions is — Washington. Ukraine would not be able to fight its way out of a paper bag if it weren't for the Americans and their various lackeys, like the Brits, the Germans and the French. There's really no point mentioning Italy, Poland, and all those others that fall under the rubric of "etc."

Shocking as it may seem to the various journo-generals, it is Washington that has a massive network of sophisticated military satellites which alone can manage the war that is being currently fought in Ukraine — and it is a huge credit to the Russians who are fighting this mighty American capability to a standstill. Despite the highly sophisticated lethal gadgetry, Washington is losing the war, and on an epic scale. What does that tell us about "allowing" Ukraine anything? The private citizen that is now the martial law coordinator of Ukraine (since he declared that having elections during a "war" is pointless) is Washington's bobblehead (but that's hardly news).

So, all this talk about the moral hemming and hawing of "allowing" Ukraine to strike inside Russia, of untying that one hand, and allowing Ukraine to fight more freely, is simply flapdoodle ("twaddle" works well here as, so feel free to substitute). But it does give employment to the faceless many among the bureaucrat types who would otherwise be unemployed.

And because Washington is losing badly, it wants to let all of us know that it is now going to hit Russia — and we should look after our affairs as best we can because when Russia responds, we are all collateral damage (and that will include the many journo war experts) — only the powermongers with good underground bunkers will survive.

In other words, all this war-talk about "allowing" Ukraine to hit Russia is a message to all of us — a major war is on its way; call it World War Three, if you like, though that term is meaningless, since most of the world will not be lifting the proverbial finger to "protect" Washington and its lickspittles, its tufthunters, commonly known as "politicians" in the West. Washington has decided that it wants a greater war with Russia, which it will lose, just like it lost so many others. (What's the thinnest book ever written? Wars Won by America after WWII).

America has declared war.

Why does the entire Western political class want a larger war? Well, can you think of an easier way to cull the herd? The clot-shot didn't work so well with the Covid business in thinning out humanity... but a nuclear bomb — well, that's quite a handy thing to have lying around to get that job done. This is why no one who is sensible can make any sense of why "we" fight on in Ukraine.

This next war is not going to be about power, resources, or real estate. It's going to be a grand neo-Malthusian project, in which the real enemy is all of us who need to be taken out, so the planet can be rid of all the useless eaters. This is the real point of all the war-talk by out useless politicians. We are the real enemy.

In other words, the West has reached the final phase of its Woke logic — it is now eager to kill off the majority of its population. We are being frog-marched into annihilation.

So, who is my enemy?