dog attack
An 11-year-old boy was killed in an attack by two "very large dogs" Monday night in north Edmonton, police said.

Officers responding to the call at 82 Street and 11 Avenue SW just before 8 p.m. Monday found the boy suffering severe injuries after being mauled by two dogs.

The officers attempted life-saving measures until emergency medical services (EMS) arrived shortly after. The boy, however, was pronounced dead on scene, police said in a Tuesday afternoon news release.

The two dogs were seized by animal control peace officers.

"The dogs reportedly belong to a person who lives at the residence where the child was visiting," police spokeswoman Cheryl Vourdenhout said in the release.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, a pall hung over the quiet street that had been buzzing with emergency vehicles the evening before.

Police cars were still by the house in the 8200 block of 11 Avenue SW while members of the media gathered and kids walked home from school, some with their parents in tow.

Two small "beware of dog" stickers were posted on the garage and by the front door of the grey and white two-storey house that blended in with all the others.

"I'm so sorry to hear that," neighbour Ray Lambert said after hearing news of the tragedy.

He said it was shocking to think it could happen in the Summerside neighbourhood.

"There's a whole bunch of people with dogs around here, and we all take the dogs for a walk," he said.

"I knew there were dogs that lived there, I've seen them go for a walk, keeping quiet without barking every once in a while," Lambert said.