Two people have died following a grizzly bear attack in Banff National Park.

According to reports, the Banff field unit received an alert from a GPS device on Friday evening at approximately 8 p.m., coming from the Red Deer River Valley. The alert indicated a bear attack; and while a team that is specially trained in wildlife attacks was mobilized, weather conditions did not allow a helicopter to be used.

The response team reached the area by 1 a.m., finding two individuals who were dead. The team also encountered a grizzly who was aggressive and was ultimately euthanized.

Currently, the Red Deer and Panther valleys are closed off. The closure is from Snow Creek Summit east to the National Park boundary, and north to Shale Pass. According to the Parks Canada website, it is due to a 'grizzly bear in the area.'

In recent weeks there have been several bear encounters in both Banff National Park and provincial parks across the province.