child trafficking
As part of the EU's drive to make Big Tech march in lockstep with it, the Vichy Ireland regime recently fined TikTok an impressive €345m for not sufficiently protecting children with its algorithms. As this is the same American controlled Irish regime which refused to collect €13 billion, plus interest, in unpaid Irish taxes Apple owed them, one can only conclude it is one rule for the American-owned Apple outfit, and another for Chinese firm TikTok.

Though that Sinophobia first attracted me to the story, it is the faux concern for children the fine represents that particularly concerns me. Although TikTok and similar social media platforms are particularly addictive to children, children's autonomy is being undermined so much on line and in schools and other gatherings that it is hard to believe our EU and U.S. bosses think of them as anything else but lambs to their psychological and sexual slaughter.

According to America's National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are close to one million registered sex offenders in the United States, with creepy Joe Biden's power base of Wilmington, Delaware having an astounding one sex offender for every 107 residents.

Think about that for a moment. If you are an American soccer mom, whose kids do all the Little League and cheerleading stuff well balanced American kids quite rightly do, chances are some well-connected sex predator is eyeing them up.

This is not to say that all American children are equally at risk. They are not. But go look at this interview with a pregnant 14 year old American child prostitute and follow it up with this interview with a 13 year old American child prostitute. Whatever one thinks about the "life choices" those two children have made, one need only look at a few minutes of each video to see that they are children, young totally vulnerable children thrown into a world most of us should fear, for their sakes, to our marrow.

We have all seen the memes of Congolese child slaves mining the cobalt for Greta Thunberg's electric cars. But many of the "more fortunate" of those children are trafficked to Greta's European Union or to the U.S. where the exploitation and bare-faced denial of that exploitation continue.

Greta's Civilised Sweden, as this report explains, now has its own imported child soldiers, with children as young as ten packing heat in one or other of the countless drug armies that blight Greta's green Swedish paradise.

In checking out these pictures of recently disappeared children in Ireland, note that many of them are from ethnic, non-Irish backgrounds and that their consequent marginalisation indicates they are more at risk of being abducted than are "normal" children who live in environments where more safeguards are in place.

Not that Irish children are very safe. The fate of six year old Mary Boyle has yet to be resolved, over fifty years since she went missing close to her family home. Lost Boys: Belfast's Missing Children tells the story of Thomas Spence and John Rodgers, two of the five young boys who vanished from the streets of Belfast in the early 1970s when the Troubles were gathering pace.

Belfast was also the site of the Kincora Boys Home, whose children were sex trafficked out to the British Royal Family, MI5 bosses and Loyalist murder gangs to bribe them into murdering uppity Catholics.

And then we also have 14 year old Belfast schoolboy Noah Donohoe, who was murdered in the very strangest of circumstances, which are the subject of a forthcoming documentary by ace investigative journalist Donal McIntyre.

Although there is a major debate in Britain about how some specific ethnic groups are over-represented in child rape figures, there should be no debate that raping children is as big a problem in Britain as it in in the U.S. or Ireland, which is also plagued by organ harvesting gangs.

Although my July 15th article on Ukraine's booming child sex trafficking industry alluded to verified accounts of them being trafficked for sex through Dublin's hotels, there has been no further news on that non-story, presumably because dixie cup children are only of utility if they can be used to smear Russian President Putin, Russian Commissioner for Children's Rights Maria Lvova-Belova or some similar worthy, who has nothing whatsoever to do with child sex trafficking in America, Sweden, Britain or Ireland.

When I returned to that topic on July 29th, I singled out British asset Karim Khan for especial opprobrium not because his brother was involved in those above-mentioned child sex grooming scandals but because his Ukrainian investigations were so shoddy and he lacks any credibility in the matter.

Whereas Khan is part of NATO's libels against both Russia and China, as his own native Britain has 67,000 registered sex offenders, many of whom have gone AWOL, it is obviously no paradise for all of King Charles' most vulnerable subjects.

If the wholesale rape of English, Irish, Swedish and American children is an issue, then the wholesale punishment of Chinese social media behemoths or the scapegoating of obscure Russian mothers is not going to change matters all that much as long as the cancer at the heart of Western society remains untouched.

That cancer is best espoused in this video with "internet celebrity" Amouranth who explains in this short clip that she receives tens of thousands of dollars in tips for performing the most mundane activities online and that her earnings peak when she falls asleep in front of the camera and slackens when she wakes up.

Were we to add up all the morons who pay Amournanth over $1 million a month with all the other OnlyFans and Twitch addicts to the number of NATO's registered sex offenders we would have a gang of disreputables far in excess of the 2 million or so members of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, who may or may not have their own TikTok addiction issues.

Whatever about China's TikTok land, we have our own dopamine issues here, which are accentuated not only by TikTok but by the EU rainbow washing its suspect drugs and ideologies to children in schools, on TV and online.

Although much of Chinese education may be a little too intense for our delicate tubbies, some one in three of all Chinese university students study STEM subjects and not their own navels, as Ireland's TikTok critics increasingly do. The problem, if such there is, is not with TikTok per se but with society, where the Chinese plough ahead and NATO's youngsters have, to Jeffrey Epstein's friends at least, lost all of their utility, save that of being trafficked human sex dolls.

And though NATO's reincarnated Sodom and Gomorrah will trundle along for some time yet, it cannot end well for an empire that thinks a Chinese social media app is more dangerous to its children than their own ideologies which enable millions of registered maniacs to prowl its streets in search of childish prey.