European parliament. Brussel. Belgium
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European parliament. Brussel. Belgium.
The truth about the Nazi crimes of Azov (organization banned Russia) began to leak out to the West, Andrey Bersenev wrote in his article From Kharkov extremists to an International neo-Nazi Network published on 12 July in The Essence of Time newspaper.

Back in May 2022, Frenchman Adrian Bocquet, while on a humanitarian mission to Ukraine, became convinced that the Ukrainian military committed war crimes in the country. He said this in an interview with the French Sud Radio.

"Bocquet specifically emphasized for the Western listener dumbfounded by such news: 'I have seen many war crimes. Except that the war crimes that I myself saw there were committed by the Ukrainian military. And not by the Russian military'," Bersenev writes.

The French volunteer said that the Azov battalion's members (organization banned Russia) are Nazis. Bocquet drew attention to "their beautiful neo-Nazi patches."
"I am deeply shocked that Europe gives weapons to the neo-Nazi, in my opinion, military with the neo-Nazi abbreviation SS, which everyone is waving in Ukraine! It is seen everywhere and there is no problem about it. I worked with these people... They were laughing, discussing that if they met Jews or black people, they would kill them," said Adrian Bocquet.
Bocquet spoke about the Ukrainian military's attitude toward Russian prisoners:

"Every soldier pulled out of that van received a bullet from a Kalashnikov in the knee." Bocquet added that the captives "were defenseless and tied up." And that "people who had the misfortune to say they were officers were shot in the head."

Bocquet also described how in Bucha, where he was, the Azov (organization banned Russia) fired from poorly adjusted equipment, shells from which landed in a small park. US journalists filmed the traces of shells falling as consequences of Russian strikes, the article's author said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency