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The gender unicorns want you to smoke fentanyl instead of cigarettes, because they really care about your health.

I woke up today to a few stories from the People's Republic of Canada that throw the festering madness of our suppurating social order into sharp relief.

First up is video that's emerged from an elementary school somewhere in Canada, showing children being greeted by rainbow-waving teachers, including one dressed up as a gender unicorn, in a carnivalesque atmosphere calculated to encourage them to associate anal fistulas and adult diapers with happiness. STDs through joy.

The second story comes from Vancouver, where 11-year-olds are getting addicted to opioids thanks to the Canadian government's 'harm reduction' strategy. The theory here is that by providing junkies free hydromorphone, the junkies will stop being junkies. In practice what this means is that the Canadian government is dumping free opioids into the market, thereby dramatically increasing their supply, which is somehow supposed to reduce the number of opioid addicts. The hardcore junkies then take the Dilaudid, sell the dillies, and use the proceeds to fund their fentanyl habits. And who are their customers? Pre-teens, as it turns out, who can be converted into the next generation of track-marked zombies for just a few dollars a pill. A 14-year-old girl just overdosed as a result. Flooding middle schools with synthetic opioids is apparently a worthwhile price to pay for reducing harm from opioid abuse ... although how providing free opioids is supposed to reduce opioid abuse is an exercise she leaves for the students.

The third story concerns that ultimate and most dangerous of addictive drugs, the big daddy demon weed the use of which the WEF-aligned governments of the world are determined to stamp out as part of their 2030 sustainability goals. No, not opioids, obviously: remember, those are being deliberately distributed. And not weed - weed is legal now, there's a bud store on every corner. Weed stores were declared essential services during the lockdown. No, obviously the great evil that must be scoured from the face of the Earth is tobacco.

Despite decades of relentless public health messaging, indoor smoking bans, outdoor smoking bans, car smoking bans, and gruesome warning labels, there's a hard core of smokers who just refuse to do what the managerial class has so patiently and clearly explained to them they are expected to do. Obviously, smokers just haven't gotten the message that they are supposed to stop smoking, so the Canadian government has announced that later this summer warning labels will be printed on individual cigarettes. You see, it isn't enough that Canadian cigarette packs look like this:
canada tobacco warnings cigarette packages

Note the deliberately ugly shade of greenish-brown, and the garish warning labels with the horrifying imagery. Just in case you didn't get the point. Also have you ever seen a chick who looks like that? Be honest.
Nope, those didn't do the trick. People kept smoking, so now 'poison in every puff' must be printed on every individual cigarette. Which will definitely work this time.

Now, I know some of you, maybe even most of you, will shrug at this. So what? Fewer people smoking is a good thing, right? Smoking is bad for you. Everyone knows that. Besides, tobacco smoke is obnoxious.

But consider, for a moment, the source.

Yes, yes, I know - the genetic fallacy. Just because a source is known to be unreliable doesn't mean a given argument is invalid. I get it. It's true, in an abstract sense.

But still. Let's not commit the fallacy fallacy, either. We are not Reddit midwits here.

So, the source.

The source is a government which just forced mRNA jabs into every arm it could reach, as a result of which a large number of young people have died from heart conditions and blood clots, and a much larger but as-yet unknown number of people have been injured, and possibly sterilized. A government which legalized marijuana - a plant which is far more damaging to the respiratory system than tobacco, and incredibly damaging to the nervous system to boot, its use being associated with schizophrenia for example. A government which shrugs at a food supply adulterated with every kind of biological, chemical, hormonal, pesticidal, and herbicidal toxin you can name, which has resulted in an historically unprecedented epidemic of obesity, to say nothing of all those autism spectrum disorders and autoimmune conditions that just sort of sprang out of nowhere over the last twenty or thirty years. A government which is flooding its own streets with highly addictive synthetic opioids. A government which recently initiated a euthanasia program, Medical Assistance in Dying, which is open to anyone - you can request suicide-by-needle for any reason you like, including depression and poverty.

This government, as you can see, is really, deeply worried about your health.

Canada has a socialized healthcare system, after all. Smokers get sick and die when they get old, and that costs money. Never mind that everyone, yes even non-smokers, gets sick and dies, and therefore costs the system money. And never mind that they're now busy euthanizing the sick so as to save money. And never mind that with the extraordinary sin taxes the government collects on tobacco, the average smoker pays hundreds of thousands of dollars into the system over a lifetime of smoking.

Putting aside whether tobacco is anywhere near as bad as it is made out to be, a claim I am extraordinarily skeptical of, I am doubtful that the government of Canada or any other country cares in the slightest about the health of its subjects. To the contrary, everything they do is calibrated to make us sick, fat, weak, miserable, slow, stupid, and compliant, because that makes us easier to dominate. A population of fit, jacked, energetic, quick-witted beasts of prey is much harder to control than a herd of clinically depressed ungulates.

At the end of the day, that's what managerialism reduces to: a system of social control for the domestication of human livestock. They want us to do what they say, without question or complaint. Effective workers are much less important to managers than compliant workers, so they'll happily trade our biological, emotional, and psychological health if it makes their job of managing us easier. Since they are morons, they have to go to great lengths to achieve this reduction in human quality.

This is why they push plant-based diets so hard: it's been understood from time immemorial that depriving the peasantry of the flesh of the animals their hunter-gatherer ancestors evolved to thrive on drains the slaves of thumos. This is why the shelves of the stupourmarket are loaded with processed foods made from seed oils and infused with industrial poisons. This is why the streets are flooded with opioids and marijuana, drugs which dull the mind and leach the soul of all spirit and ambition. All of these are chemical attacks.

This is why the schools have become demoralization centres, teaching children that their ancestors were evil, and that they can find absolution for their genetic sins by further poisoning their bodies with puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones, mutating themselves into deranged abominations whose very presence spreads misery and unease. Healthy romantic relationships generate loyalties beyond those of state and market, which managers disapprove of on principle. Broken humans with fractured psyches permanently at war with every aspect of their own biology are, on the other hand, no threat to anyone in power, and indeed far more liable to love Big Sister.

It goes without saying that the green agenda is also about social control. Fifteen-minute cities are livestock pens. The carbon economy is an excuse to micro-manage every aspect of human life. And so on. Of course, the Canadian government has gone all in on this, too. There's already a carbon tax on gasoline, and the nitrogen caps that are being used by the Dutch government as an excuse to expropriate the world's most productive farmland are being rolled out in Canada.

So what about tobacco? Why is it, almost uniquely, singled out for demonization? Is it just a scapegoat, a way for the managerial state to imbue all of its sins into one sacrificial plant, raving about the evils of the demon weed the way Orthodox Jews swing chickens over their heads during kapparot?

Well, maybe. But I think there's more to it than that.

You're all familiar with the deleterious health consequences of tobacco use - lung cancer, COPD, and so on. I won't dispute these. While I suspect they're wildly exaggerated, and almost certainly exacerbated by all the chemicals that are added to tobacco products, I'll grant that inhaling burning plant matter probably isn't optimal for respiratory function. So, no arguments there.

Tobacco, however, has other notable effects.

It raises testosterone, for one thing, and not by a small amount - the boost is something like 15%, which is about the same as the average testosterone decrease in the American male population over the last 15 years.
soldier combat smoking
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This man is not gay.
For another, it sharpens the mind. Nicotine is a natural nootropic, improving memory and focus. There's even evidence that smokers are much less likely to get neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Writers, artists, and philosophers have understood for centuries that a few puffs of the burning leaf can clarify and sharpen their thoughts ... that word on the edge of your tongue, that perfect way of phrasing something, that concept that won't quite solidify in your mind's eye, all suddenly become drawn in sharp relief when wreathed in the American leaf's fragrant smoke. There's an argument to be made that the nearly simultaneous introduction of coffee and tobacco to European culture was what fuelled the Enlightenment. It's no accident that our cultural image of the wise old sage invariably incorporates a long-stemmed pipe.
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There's also the sheer conviviality of tobacco. Unlike other stimulants, such as cocaine or amphetamines, it doesn't induce a state of psychosis, turning its users into violent maniacs. It clarifies the intellect while simultaneously calming the spirit, not into a state of torpor as with opioids or marijuana, but into a state of relaxed alertness. This is why the smoker's pit is almost invariably a place of quiet laughter and friendly conversation. Have you ever seen two people fighting while smoking together? I'm betting that you have not. There's a reason the Indians called it the peace pipe.

trapper native american pipe somking teepee painting
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So we've got a plant that increases testosterone, sharpens the intellect, and smooths social interactions.

And this just so happens to be the one drug whose use our globalist managers are absolutely determined to stamp out entirely.

Because they're worried about the health effects.

At the same time that they poison us, body and soul, in every way they can.


Sounds legit.

And as for those warning labels they're going to start printing on individual cigarettes? I honestly can't really imagine that will really move the needle much. They've already gone to absurd extremes, and while they initially reduced smoking dramatically by banning it everywhere, jacking up the taxes, and terrifying everyone with goofy pictures of bleeding eyeballs and what have you, there's that ten percent or so of the population that just refuses to give it up. I think this drives them a bit mad. The purpose of managers is to manage, after all. Their entire raison d'etre is to make people do as they're told. Incorrigible obstreperousness infuriates them. They have declared that their Sustainable Future Utopia will be Smoke Free by 2030, damn it, and they will have no disobedience from the livestock. Therefore, if the plebs have failed to respond to their relentless nagging, the obvious solution is to nag even harder.
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These are the same maniacs that locked us down, destroyed the economy, ruined kids' mental health with zoom school, forced everyone to wear pointless masks, slammed borders shut, and forced experimental gene therapies into everyone's bodies, all because they decided that stopping people from catching the cold was suddenly the entire purpose of society. Note, too, that they lied quite relentlessly throughout that entire period. They exaggerated death tolls using statistical trickery and doctored tests, they threw around wild speculations about asymptomatic spread, they publicized the predictions of terrible models while sitting on the results of much less terrifying data, they prevented studies showing that masks didn't work from being published while touting low-quality studies showing they did, and they did everything in their power to prevent honest data about the mRNA injections from reaching the public. Leaning hard on this mound of junk science, and with the media staying perfectly silent on every contradictory data point, the public health authorities - unelected, unaccountable, and often perfectly anonymous - stripped us of our liberties and reduced us to mere biopolitical life.

The COVID playbook was the same playbook that was used to go after tobacco over the last generation. The smoking bans, for example, were never voted on: no elected official campaigned on a slogan of "I will make your bars less fun." They just imposed them by fiat, "for your health and safety", and to justify them they used made-up nonsense about the carcinogenic properties of second-hand smoke that, the moment they'd achieved their policy objectives, were admitted to have been made-up nonsense. Yet somehow the bans stayed in place.

Personally, I'm rather sick of all of it.

These people are why we can't have nice things.

I do not want to live in this gay smoke-free plant-based synthetic opioid sustainable fifteen-minute livestock-pen virtual reality rainbow future. Fully automated luxury gay space communism doesn't sound great to me, not least because I know it will involve very little luxuriousness and probably not a whole lot of space.

I do not want to live in a society where a monomaniacal midwit managerialist minion class gets to impose its pusillanimous will upon a powerless populace of herd animals.

And I wonder how long it will take for people to realize how easy it really is for this lame-ass nursery school nightmare to end.

All we have to do - all we ever had to do - is to stop listening to them, and stop complying.
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