A sinkhole has swallowed a Tesla Model Y in Taiwan.

CCTV footage captured the moment the SUV, which can cost up to USD $95,000, was sucked into the void too.

The footage, posted to Twitter by @notonlywater shows a section of road opening up and sucking the Tesla and nothing but the Tesla into it.

It's almost as if the sinkhole specifically targeted the Model Y.

Not only was it the perfect size to swallow it, but every other car on the road remained completely untouched.

Even the car parked directly in front of the Tesla Model Y escaped without moving an inch.

The bad luck continues for this owner because apparently, the Model Y was also brand new.

Its owner had driven it only five times before it was pulled into the sinkhole yesterday.

When the car was rescued from the hole, it had significant damage to its left side.