Snow falls in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia

Snow falls in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's snow season has begun with a freezing winter downfall covering the Al-Lawz region of Tabuk, reported the Saudi Press Agency.

Jebal Al-Lawz is in the northern region of Saudi Arabia, around 1,000km and 12-hour drive away from Jeddah on the west coast of the Kingdom.

The areas witnessed snowfall on Monday night, attracting tourists from across the region as well as residents to see the white-capped mountains.

A spokesperson for the National Centre of Meteorology in the Northern Region said that snowfall in the Northern Region of the Kingdom, especially Al-Lawz Mountains and adjacent areas, depend on two main factors:

- The depth and movement of polar depressions

- The availability of suitable moisture

Snow is not uncommon in the north western areas of Alkan and the Al-Lawz Mountain.

However, snow rarely reaches the south of Tabuk, where the Harrah Mountains are.

The Kingdom is planning to transform mountain tourism with a ski resort in the North West of the country.

$500bn mega city Neom will include the Trojena ski resort, which is scheduled to be built by 2026. In 2029 it will host the Asian Winter Games.