dog attack
In Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, a horrifying incident involving a dog attack came to light. Several stray dogs killed a two-year-old girl by mauling her to death. On Thursday, the dead girl went missing. The girl's dead body was discovered in the morning in area, close to the hut.

As per the media reports, the victim's family is a resident of Bhagat Nagar in Punjab's Hoshiarpur and that the body of the child, who had been missing since Thursday night, was discovered close to a thatched hut. The girl's parents work in municipal council Hamirpur's sanitation department. The girl was reportedly seen playing behind the hut. In the meantime, a herd of dogs arrived and pulled the girl toward the bushes.

The family members were unable to listen the girl's screams because of the dogs' noise. They began looking when the girl failed to came back to the hut for a long duration. Upon searching, finally noticed the dogs scratching the girl child's body when family members turned to look toward the bushes.

The dogs fled when the family members yelled, but the girl had already tragically died. Later, the Hamirpur police received this information. Police opened an inquiry. On the other hand, SHO Himachal Pradesh's Hamirpur Sanjeev Gautam reported that dogs in ward number eight killed a two-year-old girl. The police have opened an investigation and registered the case.

According to the information, Hoshiarpur, a resident of Makhan Lal, cleans the city of Hamirpur. He resides with his family in a slum hut in Nagar Parishad Hamirpur Ward No. 8 Naya Nagar, in front of the Hamir Hospital. The neighbourhood resident urged the administration to take action to eliminate the threat posed by stray dogs. The horrific incident has increased the fear in the neighbourhood.