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I speak to Setareh Sadeqi in Esfahan, Iran - a PhD in American studies at Tehran University, researcher, political analyst and translator. What Setareh speaks about will probably surprise many who are buying the US/UK Israeli and Saudi narratives about the "women's rights" issue in Iran after the sad death of Masha Amini last month.

Setareh is also against the "morality police" and there are many things she would like to see change in Iran for women but she argues that the West calls for regime change have a very negative impact on any progress she and other women are working towards. The main stumbling block to any positive development in her country are Western barbaric sanctions

While the Iranian women in diaspora, funded by the West, cry for further sanctions - Setareh asks people to demand the lifting of sanctions so her country can develop in a healthy way without Western proxy terrorist infiltration or violence.

She is an important voice for real freedom from the neocolonialist cabal. An end to Western intervention will liberate women in Iran from fighting to survive economically to campaign for the changes they are seeking in their own society without any foreign meddling. Iranian women are a powerful force inside Iran and they do not need the help of the West except to campaign to lift sanctions. Please take note.

If anyone prefers podcast, the Soundcloud link is here.