The narrative following, unquestioning corporate media will keep up lies and twisted fabrications about Russia until the very end.

Demented Joe
© Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics
I agree with Diane Johnstone that Joe Biden, the pretend president of the United States, "just happens to look like a mafia boss, to talk like a mafia boss, to wear a little lopsided half smile like a mafia boss."

Johnstone then asks, as have many outside the insane asylum of corporate propaganda media, why in the hell would Putin blow up the Nordstream pipeline, a project that cost his nation billions of dollars, when it could, and has to a large degree, shut off the tap.

As Johnstone points out,
The Baltic Sea is a nearly closed body of water, with narrow access to the Atlantic through Danish and Swedish straits. The waters near the Danish island of Bornholm where the Nord Stream pipelines were sabotaged by massive underwater explosions is under constant military surveillance by these neighbors.

"It seems completely impossible that a state actor could carry out a major naval operation in the middle of this densely monitored area without being noticed by the countless active and passive sensors of the littoral states; certainly not directly off the island of Bornholm, where Danes, Swedes and Germans have a rendezvous in monitoring the surface and undersea activities," writes Jens Berger in the excellent German website Nachdenkseiten. (Emphasis added.)
Let's forget about the witless Mafia Don Biden for a moment, mostly because this man is incapable of the most simple decisions, for example how to exit a stage after a teleprompter session. He is quite literally a broken puppet on a string. Sticking to his teleprompter script, undoubtedly given the once over by "national security adviser" Jake Sullivan, secretary of the war state, Tony Blinken, and a vicious assemblage of dem-cons, it is difficult enough without the assistance of cognitive-enhancing drugs, possibly nootropics, to keep him somewhat on track.

Hollywood has repeatedly portrayed the Mafia as well-dressed "wise guys" interjecting repeated obscenities in basic conversation while engaged in various criminal activities. Compared to Joe and his lieutenants, however, the partially fictionalized Mafia operating out of New Jersey, New York, and Las Vegas may be compared to a five-year-old playing with a revolver. The war state Mafia, on the other hand, might be compared to an enraged and insane King Kong straddling Lilliputians, a swaggering monster with fists full of nuclear missiles.

The neocon and democon (democrat neocons) agree Russia must be reduced to a third-world hellhole and the Russian people made to suffer endlessly for the crime of... well, existence, and responding to threats issued by the insane King King Mafia monster and its junior partner and echo chamber suckup, NATO.

In years past, I often wondered, admittedly somewhat naively, why Russia did not respond effectively to NATO's eastward push and the placement of missile batteries (capable of being switched out to nuclear launchers) right up on Russia's western border. The fact of the matter is, Russia was biding its time, holding its cards close to the vest, waiting for the right moment to act. Ukraine was that moment.

As an anarchist (no, not the violent criminal Antifa type of anarchist, rather one opposed to the state), I do not trust government, and that includes the Russian government. I am also and have been since Vietnam an antiwar activist, or at least (in writing) an outspoken critic of apparently endless neoliberal wars.

However, Russia is not a King Kong, although it does possess a large stockpile of nuclear weapons. In fact, as we are told, the largest arsenal in the world. Unlike the mentally unbalanced King King neoliberal Mafia Don (no Hollywood special effects required) which has used nukes, not to defend itself, but rather as a prelude to a few decades of insane Cold War fear porn.

Costa Nostra, to quote the propaganda encyclopedia Wikipedia, is involved in loan sharking, drug-trafficking, and fraud. The national security state Mafia is likewise involved in similar, if far more destructive activities. The IMF and World Bank are its primary loan shark operations (along with the Federal Reserve). It is, through its notorious and murderous CIA, the world's largest drug dealer. As for fraud, that's the USG's middle name. It has used the practice world-around, having stolen trillions from foreign nations (and sending out its hit squad, the Marines, to deal with the reluctant).

"In law, fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right," for instance, the right to steal a nation's natural resources, "privatize" its civilian infrastructure, and engage in influence over its politicians, many easily bought off with a few million dollars, as is habitually done by the USG Mafia.

Like its little and largely insignificant cousin — the Hollywood-hyped street-level Mafia — the USG Kong Kong Mafia often stumbles over its own mistakes and hubristic overreach. For instance, the foolish intervention in Eastern Europe, designed to intimidate and encroach upon Russia, a scheme that, as Deputy Chairman of Russia's Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warned, may result in a nuclear conflagration, a life-ending specter for much of the planet.

Despite the misleading and often lying headlines and stories put out by the corporate war propaganda, Medvedev did not say Russia will nuke Ukraine. He said nuclear weapons may be a final option (horrific as that is) if the little Mafia enforcer NATO keeps pushing past Russia's national security red lines. In the past, Russia naively put credence into the USG's assurances it would not move into the former Soviet Republics and aim weapons of mass death at the Russian people. Since that time, Russia has wised up. It no longer trusts anything the US and Europe have to say about security or the ridiculous theory Putin is looking to reimpose control over former Soviet states and "encircling" Europe in the process.

The idiotic, narrative following, unquestioning (thus no longer journalistic, merely a propaganda tool) corporate media will keep up these lies and twisted fabrications about Russia until the very end, or at least until their offices are vaporized.

Again, I am not a Putin fan. I am not in favor of any "leader" who believes he or she knows what is best for the individual.

This is the sort of mental derangement that ultimately leads to war. In the past, wars were fought between armies on battlefields, removed from cities and civilians, and many of the participants were mercenaries. Now we "conscript" or trick young people into military "careers" by making false or overblown promises. If the lips of a statist "leader" or "expert" are moving, you can pretty much assure he or she is lying. Ditto "military recruiters."

The USG Mafia will not admit defeat in Ukraine, will not negotiate, and will continue to push the envelope. If Russia decides NATO has violated its sovereignty, now including Donbas and neighboring oblasts, it will act accordingly. It will take out NATO the same way it is methodically taking out racist, sadistic, head-boiling (note: image is graphic) neo-Nazis in Ukraine, or what's left of that kleptocracy infested with neo-Nazi ultranationalists (of a nation that may soon no longer exist).

This has the potential to devolve very quickly into a nuclear exchange, first with "tactical" nukes (the size of the Hiroshima bomb), and then, with the floodgates thrown wide open, the very distinct possibility of a full-blown nuclear holocaust.