As many as 16 goats died on the spot after lightning struck them while grazing on the mountain top.

Fortunately, the girl who went to graze the goats and one person escaped from an incident at Khurchimal area in Akkalkuva taluka in Nandurbar district Wednesday.

According to sources in Satpura Mountains, there was heavy rain in the hills of Khurchimal area Wednesday afternoon with thunder and lightning.In Akkalkuva taluka, damage has been reported in some places due to heavy rains. Pinky Sega Naik and Shantaram Kalla Naik of Khurchimal had taken the goats to graze on the hill near Umbria pada of Khurchimal in the morning.

Wednesday afternoon there was moderate rain with thunder and lightning in the Umbraipada area. Due to heavy rain, a herd of goats stood near a pimpal tree on the hill to protect themselves from the rain.

At this time, lightning struck on the goats in the valley. A total of 16 goats died on the spot, including 1 belonging to Sysing Chandaya Naik, 5 belonging to Kalla Surji Naik, 3 belonging to Chandaya Temberya Naik and 7 belonging to Handaya Umberya Naik from Khurchimal. Luckily Pinky Naik, the girl and a man who was taking the goats to graze, was at a long distance, so she narrowly escaped the incident.