A 10-year-old girl died this weekend in the border town of Paso de los Libres after being attacked in the street by a pitbull mix. The minor was immediately referred to the local hospital, but she died despite the doctors' attempt to revive her. As a consequence of the episode, relatives of the girl sacrificed the animal, with whose owner they are relatives, while the police and justice try to find the owner and determine the motivations and the context in which the events occurred.

The attack, as LA NACION was able to reconstruct, occurred between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. last Friday in the vicinity of the Las Tablitas neighborhood of Paso de los Libres, a town located in southeast Corrientes, on the Uruguay River, opposite Uruguayana, Brazil, distant about 370 kilometers from the provincial capital.

According to the data arising from the first inquiries, the minor was attacked by a dog that was loose and unsupervised on September 12th street in the aforementioned neighborhood. The girl was identified with the surname Núñez and, according to statements from neighbors and the local press, the dog belonged to a relative of hers with the surname Toledo, who was wanted by the police throughout Saturday . At the moment there is no updated information on this.

The animal was a mestizo specimen, mixed with a pit bull, which was apparently used for activities related to hunting . It was learned that he was on public roads at the time of the attack and that he had a history of previous attacks, but that they did not cause irreparable damage like the one this Friday.

After relatives and neighbors denounced the event, members of the Third Police Station in Paso de los Libres began the investigation. Hours later, the police reported that the animal's attack "produced a significant injury to a girl's neck, precisely in the jugular . "

Once at the scene, he found that the little girl was helped by relatives and people from the house where the dog lived. The minor was immediately referred to the San José Hospital with extremely serious injuries. Despite her efforts, the doctors were unable to save her life and she died shortly before 10 pm on Friday.

Given the situation, relatives of the girl went to the scene of the attack and sacrificed the animal, before the municipal authorities, who also intervened, could take some health samples.

As it turned out, it was not the first time that the animal attacked someone. "However, there is no prior official complaint in this regard. They are comments that circulate, from Bromatology we tried to check the animal and analyze if it had any disease, but they locked it up, "said Cristian Ramírez, director of Bromatology of Paso de los Libres, in contact with the newspaper El Litoral .

"Neighbors tried to separate the dog from the girl and the animal also attacked a young man, causing serious injuries to his arm," they added to local media.

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