dog attack
A dog identified as a mix between an American Bully and an American Bulldog escaped its kennel and entered a house, where it chased a child into a bedroom and mauled to death the 11-year-old girl.

Rachael Bhagwandeen had no chance to escape the powerful animal, and not even an attempt by responders, including the child's own mother, could tear the animal away from its attack.

Only the dog's owner could intervene. By then it was too late.

Her mother Seema Bhagwandeen said she ran into the house to find her child had been savaged.

She said her bleeding daughter reached out to her.

"She (Rachael) held out her hand like this and she said mummy help me, and I couldn't save my child" the mother wailed.

The attack was witnessed by the girl's nine year old brother, leaving him deeply traumatized.

It happened before midday today at Solomon Street, San Fernando, a road off Circular Road.

The girl lives with her mother and siblings in Freeport but had been dropped off at her uncle's home, while her brother went to school lessons nearby.

The house in located on land on which three houses are built, one behind the other.

Police were told that the girl and her brother went to the second house to look at television.

The third house is where the dog was secured.

It is uncertain how it happened but the dog got loose and entered the house that Rachael was sitting and attacked.

The dog was returned to its kennel by the owner and as at 1.30a.m.