Heavy snow has been confirmed in the Free State between Van Reenen and Harrismith on the N3 highway.

This comes after the South African Weather Service (SAWS) warned of disruptive snow for the southern Drakensberg region.

While many will be ecstatic with the snow, motorists have been warned to be extra cautious on the N3 highway.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said snowfall had blanketed the N3 route between Free State and KwaZulu-Natal.

"Driving on snow is extremely hazardous. We urge motorists to exercise patience and drive with caution," the RTMC said.

Despite the snow, the N3 toll route remains open to traffic.

N3 Toll Concession operations manager Thania Dhoogra said motorists need to be careful when driving in the area.

"No further snowfall has been reported between Van Reenen and Harrismith and conditions are starting to clear.

"Road users should, however, continue to be prepared for cold weather. Make provision for warm clothes and blankets, and keep water, food and basic medical supplies in your vehicle in case of unexpected delays or emergencies," Dhoogra said.

Dhoogra said all emergency and road incident management services remain on high alert.

"Drivers can support them by driving defensively. Slow down, keep headlights switched on and increase following distances. Stay patient and alert, and please be courteous to fellow road users, especially under demanding travel conditions or when traffic is moving slowly."

Meanwhile, motorists and social media users have shared videos of the snow covered area.

The Gauteng province has also been urged to brace itself for a cold weekend.

According to a tweet by Gauteng Weather, the icy conditions are expected to make landfall on Friday.

It said that Johannesburg and Pretoria are likely to experience windy conditions, with the mercury hovering between a minim of 2°C and 18°C for Joburg.

Pretoria will have slightly higher temperatures but will also experience a cold snap.

Gauteng Weather says the temperature in Pretoria is expected to be at a minimum of between 4 and 5 degrees, reaching a high of 18°C on Saturday and 20°C on Sunday.