Many call it King of the Herring , others simply " oarfish ". Several indicate it as snake fish or scabbard fish; from the Ionian and Lucanian parts they also call it belt fish. Normally, it lives in the ocean depths and it is rare to see it in the Mediterranean . The fact is, that, in recent days, two fishing enthusiasts, Giandomenico Capodiferro from Laterza and Giovanni Torcivia from Taranto , have caught one two meters long.

A rare specimen

They were on the state-owned shoreline of Metaponto, a stone's throw from Marina di Ginosa. With their respective rods, equipped with artificial lures, they hoped for a fruitful day. Suddenly, the wire of the Capodiferro reed stretched beyond belief and from here an unusual adventure began. At first both thought it was a strap fish, in the following days, however, they had the confirmation that it was the oarfish. This fish usually lives in the ocean depths between 300 and 1000 meters . Not many are seen on the surface; but every time they are sighted they leave behind a trail of mystery.

The shape similar to that of a sea snake, the large size and the strange red dorsal fin that runs along the whole body, make it look like a mythological animal. It owes its name to the fins, which resemble oars, hence the English name "oarfish". It is considered one of the longest bones in the world, as it can reach 17 meters .

A fish of this length looks more like a monster than a normal fish, so it's worth knowing. He is not a dangerous animal but, as he almost always remains in the depths, not much is known about him. They are able to travel to the surface when they are close to death or too sick and are swept away by the currents. Its scientific name is Regalicus glesne and it belongs to the regalecidae family.

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