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I began my day savoring another great article by A Midwestern Doctor: What Is The Story Behind Sudden Death Syndromes?

I really love the work this man is doing and highly recommend you consider reading, or at least scanning, the full article above. Many of the weird issues I've seen people in my life develop during the COVID era came into focus.

And not just the COVID era, my whole life leading up to it. The dysfunctional way Medicine has enabled and covered up for poisoning damage is not new, it dates from at least WW2 and even further back.
Whenever you dig into syndromes, you will often discover there is a clearly identifiable cause for a syndrome, but since the cause is a politically touchy subject, rather than describing the disease as a consequence of that cause, it is simply labeled as a nebulous "syndrome" (sometimes this also occurs with other ambiguously named diseases such as the many "disorders").

The syndromes and disorders are particularly frustrating because they often suddenly emerge out of nowhere, have a clear cause they can be attributed to at the time, and despite this, the medical field is never able to determine or acknowledge what triggered their sudden emergence.

Instead, in each case, a lot of money will be spent to research the disease, and a variety of factors will be identified that are suspected to be linked to it, without the actual cause ever being identified. Managing the disease thus becomes an industry in itself, and before long, the disease is treated as something that has always been.
seasonal affectiveness disorder SAD cycle
One great thing that's come out of the COVID era is that huge numbers of us have awakened to the fact that not only was the Regime lying to us about nearly everything during COVID, we now see that the Regime has been lying to us about nearly everything since before our parents were born. The bad food advice, the "vaccines" making us sicker and sicker...

I followed his link to the Crooked Smiles article:
Crooked Smiles

Years ago, a well known vaccine safety advocate informed me that I had a crooked smile and I should review Forrest Maready's book on the subject. I agreed with their assessment, and by working with a very gifted physician was able to fix my subtle facial paralysis and my smile (which had an immensely positive effect on how others perceived me).

Oftentimes in medicine, a new disease will emerge due to environmental toxin being introduced to the population, and over time this disease will become normalized and treated as though is it always been there. For example, many complex diseases resulted from the introduction of mercury to the environment, and more recently, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (which is almost certainly due to the Covid vaccines) or strokes in children has rapidly emerged and yet is now being treated as something that was always present. Typically, this gaslighting works and there are many different diseases of "unknown origins" that can clearly be traced back to the introduction of an environmental toxin.

Forrest made the observation that in older photos, it was extremely rare to see individuals who have asymmetrical smiles, whereas now, they are extremely common throughout the population and normalized by the mass media to the point they are frequently shown cartoon characters. To illustrate these concepts, I will use a few images from his website:

First, notice the symmetry present in older photos:
facial symmetry old photos good diet

Examples of facial symmetry in the 19th century
Due to how long you had to remain frozen for the early cameras, pictures where smiling occurred are much rarer but are likewise symmetrical as show below:
facial symmety smiles good diet

More examples of facial symmetry
Then, let's compare that to the current generation:
facial asymmetry bad diet 20th century
After I read Forrest's book, I visited multiple medical schools which had the pictures of their graduating classes stretching back sometimes as far as 100 years, and it was very evident that over time, asymmetrical smiles had become much more common. This increase in crooked smiles of medical school graduates was particularly noticeable for those born after 1986, as this was when the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed. This act removed the financial liability vaccine manufacturers had for injuries from their products, which thereby incentivized them to produce a large number of unsafe vaccines that were then mandated for children.

A variety of chronic medical conditions, including the highly controversial autism epidemic, have been traced to having emerged immediately following passage of this act (although there are a few other toxins introduced at the same time which could also partially account for the trend). RFK in the Real Anthony Fauci provides some of the best documentation for the massive change that has occurred in the health of children since 1986. It was also my understanding that this catastrophic change in the health of the population was the reason why RFK named his organization "The Children's Health Defense Fund."

Most importantly Forrest makes the case that crooked smiles are representative of more significant vaccine damage concurrently being present, once again showing that the easily recognized symptom is only the tip of the iceberg. For example, a variety of other facial asymmetries such as abnormal positioning of the eyes can also be observed (as facial symmetry is linked to proper function of multiple cranial nerves).
eyes facial asymmetry bad diet nerve damage mercury
Ramsay Hunt syndrome likewise has many invisible symptoms besides facial paralysis such as loss of taste.

Finally, while parents often find their baby's crooked smiles to be quite cute, Forrest argues it is extremely important to recognize if changes occur in your baby's smile following vaccination:
chart facial asymmetry child bad diet vaccination
Many parents I have spoken to have likewise made these observations after they reviewed family pictures of their children, and in some cases realized this preceded more severe vaccine induced injuries occurring.

Since writing this, I was informed of Dr. Andrew Moulden's work (his videos can be watched here) where he showed vaccines frequently caused microstrokes to occur that were most easily detected through observing often subtle facial changes resulting from cranial nerve damage (specifically cranial nerves III, IV, VI, VII as they are in watershed areas of the brain which are more vulnerable to poor blood supply). Like Maraedy, he believed it was critical to monitor for these changes in children following vaccination. After reading a book synopsizing Moulden's work, I realized Forrest likely developed his ideas from Moulden and that one of my most influential (and now deceased) mentors also clearly studied Dr. Moulden.
I pray that we will turn away from injecting toxic concoctions into our children, and from consuming toxic food and poisoned "media", while we retain the power to do so.