Three farmers were killed by lightning in Wagan town and three canals and their tributaries in Qambar-Shahdadkot district developed breaches, which destroyed recently planted paddy saplings on hundreds of acres during heavy rain on Tuesday.

In Larkana, it started raining heavily in the morning, inundating low-lying areas and main roads. The Met office recorded 35 millimeter rainfall in the city within 55 minutes, which caused gutters to overflow and pool rainwater before trade centres and hospitals.

The rainwater also accumulated in two underpasses connecting the city with healthcare facilities and district and divisional offices.

Lightning kills three farmers

Two brothers and their cousin died and their father suffered serious injuries in Waqa Mori village near Wagan town, 20 kilometres from Larkana, after lightning struck them when they were busy planting paddy saplings in a field.

The deceased were identified as Mohammad Ishaq Wako, 22, his brother Mohammad Khan, 18, and their cousin Mohammad Amin Waqo. Mohammad Rabban, father of the victims, was admitted to Chandka Medical College Hospital with severe burns, said villagers.

The heavy downpour also lashed Qambar-Shahdadkot district where most of the roads and low-lying areas were submerged. Rainwater entered police station in Qambar town, forcing the staff to take shelter in nearby mosque.

In Shahdadkot town, the heavy rain caused flooding in several localities and trapped inmates in flooded houses.

The town residents said that huge stocks of wheat were lying in the open without proper cover in government warehouse and the continuous rain could damage the grain.

Three dykes develop breaches

Arzi Shakh, Sujawal Shakh and Soonharo Shakh developed breaches during heavy rain in Sujawal Junejo, Warah and Dost Ali areas in Qambar-Shahdadkot district.

The breaches submerged recently planted paddy saplings on hundreds of acres land and submerged several paths to villages. Thull Shakh, an offshoot of Warah Canal, developed breach at RD-1 near Din Mohammad Jattak village. The breach was plugged late on Monday night, said the villagers.

In another development, Balochistan irrigation authorities closed water gates at Grang Regulator [a water distribution point between Sindh and Balochistan], which led to abrupt rise in Saifullah Magsi branch that irrigates Sindh's land.

The sudden rise in the canal mounted pressure on its offshoots and tributaries, causing Qubo Shakh, Shahbaig and other branches to develop breaches, said villagers.

Rain cuts off land link of 300 villages

The heavy rain in Khirthar range, Kachho and Kohistan areas cut off land link of more than 300 villages in union councils of Tando Rahim Khan, Wahi Pandhi, Sawaro, Drigh Bala, Chhinni, Mitho Babar, Haji Khan, Chhinni, Shah Hassan and Buriro and Fareedabad with Johi town.

Residents of Kachho complained that people in the marooned villages had started to face shortages of food, medicines and fresh water.

It also rained in Dadu, Johi, Khairpur Nathan Shah and Mehar towns, cutting off land link of 20 villages in Sann and Manjhand talukas. Kohistan and Thana Bula Khan, Karchat and Thana Ahmed Khan in Jamshoro district also received heavy rain.

Manchhar Lake rises

The level of water in Manchhar Lake had risen to 115.1 feet RL (reduced level) due to continuous rain in torrents in Khirthar range and Kachho, hence 13,000 cusecs had been released from the lake into the Indus River to reduce pressure on the lake's embankments, said Engineer Mahesh Kumar.

It also rained in Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Tando Mohammad Khan, Matiari, Jamshoro and Tando Allahyar districts where intermittent spells of rainfall continued throughout the day.

Mirwah Gorchani, Digri, Jhuddo, Naokot, Kot Ghulam Mohammad, Mir Ki Landhi, Jhilori, Sindhri, Phuladiyyoon, Hingorno, Patoyoon and Tando Jan Mohammad towns and adjoining areas also received heavy rain.