Avellino, terrible flood drags everything away in Monteforte, Irpino.

The videos posted on social media by local citizens testify to rivers of water coming from the upper part of the town that fill the streets of the center and take away the cars they meet along the way.

"Maximum attention: go out only if it is essential! I recommend the situation is extremely delicate throughout the upper part of Monteforte, down along via Loffredo and via Nazionale. Caution!".

The mayor of Monteforte Irpino, Costantino Giordano , writes on facebook . This is where the greatest damage and inconvenience are recorded due to the storm that this afternoon strongly beat a part of Irpinia and created damage and fright. On social media there are many videos posted by frightened citizens. In some videos we see rivers of water coming from the upper area and sweeping away the floating cars.

The situation is critical in Monteforte Irpino, a municipality on the outskirts of Avellino, where the violent rains that began shortly after 4.30 pm are bringing the upper areas of the municipality to their knees while a river of water has invaded some city streets, such as via Loffredo and via Nazionale . Numerous parked cars dragged for hundreds of meters.

At the moment no injuries are reported, but the damage count is destined to become substantial.

(Translated by Google)