In a world where technology is the main placeholder, delays or outages can cause nationwide problems.

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, Visa users reported that the credit card company was experiencing issues across the United States.

According to Downdetector, the outage began to hit users starting at 1pm ET, before over a thousand more users reported outages around 3pm ET.

The outlet claims nearly 78 percent of Visa users are experiencing issues with purchases, with 18 percent of reported issues coming from payments.

Meanwhile, 4 percent of users said they had trouble accessing the website.

What have people said about the Visa outage?

One user took to Downdetector to write: "Our two retail stores can not process any visa transactions. None.

The user continued: "Not by internet connection or landline. Some debit transactions seem to be going through."

Another added: "I work for Pep Boys in Daytona and we experienced a temporary issue. But it was fixed fairly quickly.

"Our card machines work again."

An additional user wrote: "Couldn't make purchases at Lowe's - NO ONE COULD make any card purchases."

"Can't use a credit card in Dennis and Orleans on Cape Cod," one user chimed in.

Visa has not made a public statement regarding its nationwide outages.