fire gas plant
Two people have been transported to a hospital in Wichita following an explosion and fire at the Tenawa Haven Gas Plant. Reno County Emergency Manager Adam Weishaar said they only suffered minor injuries.

Crews were called to the fire on Kent Road around 1:15 p.m. on Thursday. Weishaar said they were met with heavy smoke and flames as well as some explosions. A two-mile radius around the plant was evacuated, and crews began working to knock out the fire.

Units from Burrton, Colwich, Mt. Hope and Burrton have been called in to assist with the fire. K-96 will remain closed for the next several hours to allow firefighters to transport water to the fire.

Weishaar said the Reno County Commission signed a local disaster declaration to allow for state resources to come in and assist with the fire fight.

Gas to the plant has been cut, but the fire is not out. Crews will remain on the scene to monitor the fire. Weishaar said that at this time, there is no risk to public safety.

Update: USD 312 Haven Schools says it is keeping students in place while firefighters work to respond to the fire and explosion at the gas plant in town. The district said parents can come to pick up their students, but students will be bussed as normal when the time comes.

Firefighters are responding to a large explosion and fire at Haven Midstream (formerly the Tenawa Haven Gas plant), northwest of Wichita.

Reno County dispatchers say K-96 is closed east of Yoder and east of Haven.

The City of Haven says it is absolutely imperative that people avoid the area.

Those within Haven City limits are not being evacuated at this time. Evacuations at the Haven Steel plant.