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Although some truckers and Freedom Convoy supporters may see police as an obstacle to their free speech, as the government has weaponized the police against the freedom protest in Ottawa, many police officers are not on board with the government's authoritarian agenda.

A week ago had sources inside the Ottawa police informed The National Telegraph that a Staff Sergeant had resigned likely due to the aggressive tactics the municipal government wanted them to employ against peaceful protesters.

Not long after Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly resigned, with the implication that he too did not want to be involved in the crackdown against protesters seeking to negotiate with the federal government.

Today the former Waterloo Police Chief Matt Torigian who was appointed as the interim Ottawa Police Chief to replaced Sloly resigned having only been on the job for two days.

Torigian stated in his resignation letter that:
My sincere desire in accepting this request was to help restore order in Ottawa and increase confidence in the Ottawa Police Service.

Achieving this objective is clearly something that requires the support of the people of Ottawa as expressed by city council. Events in the past two days have made it clear that this support is lacking...
There was clearly no lack of aggression from members of the Ottawa city council when it came to dealing with protesters, which indicates that Torigian saw the council as the main obstacle to maintaining order and improving the reputation of the Ottawa Police Service.

Torigian's issue obviously has nothing to do with a lack of police resources to break up the protest, since the federal and municipal governments were giving him the tools and power to do so, his issue is the overbearing force the government wants him to use against the peaceful protesters.

Torigian is basically calling the councilors nuts, and it isn't hard to see why he would think that based on last night's city council meeting.

Even after Torigian resigned there was another police officer who spoke out even more directly against the government's treatment of peaceful protesters.

An anonymous RCMP officer released a letter speaking on behalf of other officers explaining the moral issues officers have with suppressing the Freedom Convoy protest and the frustrations officers are feeling towards government officials and the legacy media.

The officer expresses regret for not being able to speak out against the government's actions in public out of fear of being targeted for termination despite their perspective on this situation being in line with the Canadian Charter.

Although there are no mass resignations or walk-outs of police officers due to the government's treatment of the Freedom Convoy truckers and supporters, there is growing frustration among the men and women in blue against the authoritarian actions of the federal government and Ottawa city council.