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The 'Freedom Convoy' multi-city protest is into its 4th week in Canada, where the Canadian prime minister has come out of hiding to direct security forces to make arrests of, and issue fines to, anyone participating in, or supporting, the truckers and other workers demanding an end to 'vaccine apartheid'. Canadians' courage to stand up to tyrannical government is apparently contagious - it has sparked similar movements in Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile, governments in Europe are not taking any chances, banning mere expressions of protest such as the displaying of national flags in vehicles.

This week's NewsReal covers the latest developments in global resistance to tyranny, and the apparent response to this by the 'deep state' in the form of war hysteria over the Russian military build-up near Ukraine. In just 4 days, British media claims, the world will end in nuclear conflagration! This is of course pure fear-mongering, in part to 'get the plebs back into line', but is there any substantive possibility of 'imminent' Russian military action in Ukraine? Joe and Niall suggest a scenario that involves a reckoning for the US client regime in Kiev, but not the subsequent reckoning for Russia that Washington and London are hoping for...

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