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President Joseph R Biden last week personally commanded a top military mission to 'take out' the 317th leader of Al-Qaeda... sorry, 'ISIS', in his hideaway on the Syrian-Turkish border. Quite what the (real) strategic purpose of the assault was, no one knows, but at least the most voted-for president in US history got his 'Osama-hunting' photo-op in the Situation Room and the US government reminded the world of its vital role in keeping the world safe... from its own terrorists.

Meanwhile the Russians still have not invaded Ukraine. Is there a time limit on how 'imminent' this possible future event is? On this NewsReal, Joe and Niall explain that the manipulation of Ukraine as 'leverage' against Russia, and the overall expansion of NATO eastwards, is a decades-old process that even current Washington actors warned against EVER doing, back during saner times...

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