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** This video is a reupload following technical difficulties during the livestream! **

In this week's NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the almighty tensions building between the US and Russia over Ukraine, explaining that the key to understanding 'why this, and why now?' lies in American paranoia about increasing Russian economic and ideological influence in Europe as a whole.

The Americans and the British have been pumping weapons and 'advisors' into Ukraine for the last seven years, apparently with a view to helping Kiev recapture' the breakaway Donbass republics and Crimea, thereby forcing a military response from Russia, and providing the 'justification' the Anglo-Americans seek to, effectively, ban Russia from global trade - with disastrous economic ramifications for Europe and beyond.

Will war break out in some form? It's possible, and it depends on just how far beyond the pale the US regime has become. The greater threat to us all, however, is the global economic FUBAR that will result from the US regime pulling what amounts to a 'financial Samson Option' that - it hopes - will 'reset' the world back to 1945, when the USA stood tall amid an economic wasteland...

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