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© Twitter/ @LeighWolf
Four Communist-style posters featuring images of Biden and Fauci with mocking messages of COVID-19 mandate compliance appeared across Washington, D.C., over the weekend.

Photos and videos of the life-size posters have now taken social media by storm, with thousands of people sharing the posts.

Twitter account @LeighWolf snapped photos of the posters taped to the outside of a building on N St. NE, just south of New York Avenue, after leaving a coffee shop Saturday.

"I was floored," LeighWolf told the Washington Examiner. "Couldn't believe I was seeing this in the wild in D.C."

LeighWolf said a lady then walked up and asked him if he had posted them or if he was there to take them down. That's when he began taking video.

In the video shared on Twitter, the lady is seen ripping the posters off the wall. LeighWolf asked her why and if all art must comply.

"Yes, it's a public health concern," she can be heard saying in the Twitter video. "It's alarmism. It is dangerous propaganda ... I live in the neighborhood. This is b***s***."

Noam Blum also spotted posters in Glover Park, near the intersection of Calvert St. and Wisconsin Ave.

"I rarely see street art of this type coming from a right-wing (or however you want to call it) point of view," Blum told the Washington Examiner. "So, it felt more noteworthy than some anti-Trump poster, which are a dime a dozen."

Blum noted that one of the posters portraying Biden as a saint with the text, "Good kids are compliant kids," includes children looking up and wearing pins showing their allegiance to Fauci and vaccine mandates.

"Hard to spot, but the kids are wearing pins that say 'hug me, I'm vaccinated,' a picture of Fauci and [another pin] that says 'VACCINATED but still stay away from me,'" Blum said on Twitter.

Photos show another poster depicting Biden angrily holding a mallet with the initials of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration on it. "COMPLY" is used as a border. A third poster shows Fauci dressed as a priest holding a large vaccine with text saying, "TRUST THE SCIENTISM."

Biden is also portrayed sitting on a throne holding a large coronavirus molecule with the text "MANDATE! SEGREGATE! SUBJUGATE!" above his head.

Social media replies to the posters praised the artwork and included many people asking how more can be ordered for distribution across the country.

"We need these everywhere," one reply to LeighWolf said. "Billboards, bus, stops. Schools. Let's go. Time to Fight the Power and Rage Against the Machine."

Another reply played down the idea of the posters mocking the Biden mandates.

"I don't see it as mocking," the reply said. "It's a warning. This IS what's happening. We are going to be the next USSR or WWII Germany if we can't turn this around."

Other replies asked who the artist is.

Neither LeighWolf nor Blum know who the artist is or who put up the posters.

Many posts are suggesting that the artist remains anonymous for safety.