burnt out car

A fire at a service area on the German autobahn has claimed two lives
A fire broke out at a gas station at a highway service area in the German state of Hesse on Monday, killing two people and damaging vehicles and a restaurant, police said.

They said a witness reported a small explosion at around midday, with a fire breaking out near the pumps shortly afterward.

The body of one victim was found in one of two cars damaged by the fire, and another dead person was found nearby, they said.

gas station fire

The gas station suffered considerable damage
The gas station suffered considerable damage

A restaurant next to the gas station was also damaged by the flames, which were quickly brought under control by the fire department.

The incident occurred at the Hammersbach Langen-Bergheim service area on the A45 autobahn.

State prosecutors and local police are investigating the case and trying to establish exactly what caused the explosion and fire.